Fontaine characters and Dendro-Hydro teams overwhelmed Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss 4.7. Especially, the four most-picked characters formed the most-used teams to clear this season's challenges. Let's check out who they are here.

I. Top-Picked Characters

Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss 4.7 features many Fontaine bosses. Therefore, Hydro Archon and Fontaine's Ludex are preferred. Besides, Hydro-Dendro reactions are the most helpful in the current META of Spiral Abyss. That's why the two most powerful Dendro characters, Nahida and Baizhu, are also leading in this list.

In addition, Kazuha's crowd-control ability and his Anemo Swirls are always helpful when combating crowded chambers and floors. That's why he often gets a high position in the list of Top-picked characters throughout last seasons. Here are their ranks and usage rates compiled by Yshelper.

  • Furina (94%)
  • Neuvillette (91.4%)
  • Kazuha (86.2%)
  • Baizhu (73.8%)
  • Nahida (67.7%)
Genshin Impact Top 4
Top 4 most-picked characters in Spiral Abyss 4.7

Besides, the four follow-up characters are familiar in many recent seasons. The new character Clorinde also joined the Top 10 most-picked characters this season though she has just arrived. You can check their ranks and pick rates below.

  • Zhongli (65.9%)
  • Yelan (56.2%)
  • Xingqiu (48.1%)
  • Bennett (45.1%)
  • Clorinde (44.7%)

These characters are the main characters in the top-used teams this season. Moreover, the four leading characters also form the most used team. You can check out the top team comps with the highest usage rate in Spiral Abyss 4.7 in the next part.

Top Picked Characters
Top Picked Characters

II. Most-Used Teams

Hyfro and Dendro are the two overwhelming elements in Spiral Abyss 4.7. These top-picked teams demonstrate their great impact when Hydro and Dendro DPS and supporters take vital roles.

#1. Neuvillette's team

Neuvillette's strongest team is the most reliable team comp this season. His allies also have the highest position in the top list of characters ranked by usage rates, including:

  • Furina
  • Neuvillette
  • Kazuha
  • Baizhu
Top Used Team Comps
Top Used Team Comps

This is the best team to clear the second half of Spiral Abyss's Floor 12.

#2. Alhaitham's Hyperbloom Team

Alhaitham is the best Dendro DPS and Nahida is the best Dendro supporter. They can charge energy for each other to activate their elemental reactions more frequently. Xingqiu and Fischl help them trigger the Hyperbloom reaction - one of the most META reactions for AoE damage.

Genshin Impact Alhaitham
Alhaitham can deal with strong bosses with his powerful elemental burst.

#3. Nahida's Quicken Team

Nahida's Quicken team with Tighnari, Yae Miko, and Zhongli is not hard to build with four old characters. But their AoE damage and survival abilities are still impressive. Zhongli's strong shield keeps the active character almost immune to every enemy's attack. Yae Miko and Nahida give Tighnari wonderful off-field support.

Quicken Genshin
Quicken is also one of the best reactions to deal with mobs.

#4. Mono Hydro Team

You can deploy Hydro Archon in a Mono-Hydro team with Yelan as the DPS and Kokomi as the supporter. Kazuha's participation is a must to help the non-aggressive element - Hydro become deadly to enemies with Hydro Res.

Furina Is The Best Choice
Furina's Mono Hydro team is also used a lot.

#5. Alhaitham's Quicken Team

Alhaitham and Nahida also work well with Yae Miko to trigger a continuous chain of Quickening and even Aggravate and Spread reactions with a proper rotation.

Those are the top-used characters and team comps in Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss 4.7. Are your favorite characters and teams listed above? Share your experience in the comment under the article to let us know.

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