The Flowing Lights And Colors event in Genshin Impact marks the end of the Lantern Rite. Players will be able to claim Intertwined Fates from this event just by logging into the game from February 9 to February 13.

But it seems that Paimon was drunk while on the job so the rewards were sent to all players before the event starts and they even sent the rewards twice.

Flowing Lights And Colors Event bug

On February 8, Genshin Impact sent the Day-1 rewards of the Flowing Lights And Colors event (1 Intertwined Fate, 5 Golden Grabs, 6 Sanctifying Unction) twice to the mail of players. It is an amazing surprise for many players as Intertwined Fates are the crucial item to get time-limited 5-stars characters. Because of this mistake, players are getting an additional Intertwined Fate from the event.

Genshin Glitch
The Day-1 rewards of the Flowing Lights And Colors event were sent early and doubled.

Genshin Impact also just announced to acknowledge the accident on their social media. The rewards from the glitch will not be revoked. They say that all players will receive a second rewards mail to keep it fair. Players who already got double rewards will not get another rewards mail.

If you haven't claimed the rewards yet then log in right now to claim them. Who knows? You might pull Ganyu or Zhongli thanks to this extra Intertwined Fate.

About Flowing Lights And Colors event

The Flowing Lights And Colors event lasts from February 9 to February 16 (until the end of the 2.4 version).

By logging in to Genshin Impact each day, players will be able to get various rewards, notably 4 Intertwined Fates (with the glitch), 2 Fragile Resin, and 50,000 Mora.

Flowing Lights And Colors event
Log in to Genshin Impact to claim rewards from the Flowing Lights And Colors event.

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