Genshin Impact 2.7 has finally come out, with the new Hydro Bow character Yelan and her weapon, Aqua Simulacra. It is a powerful bow with the best secondary stat in the game, Crit Damage. Many players have compared it with Staff of Homa, one of the "universal 5-star weapons" that can be used on all characters. Therefore, in this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete guide about the Aqua Simulacra bow in Genshin Impact 2.7.

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Yelan and her best weapon

1. About Aqua Simulacra bow Genshin Impact 2.7

Similar to previous character releases, the Aqua Simulacra's stats and bonuses are designed around Yelan's kit. It gives % bonus max HP, which synergizes with Yelan's abilities that scale based on HP.

Aqua Simulacra Stats

At R1: HP is increased by 16%. When there are opponents nearby, the DMG dealt by the wielder of this weapon is increased by 20%. This will take effect whether the character is on-field or not. This effect would still be in effect even if the wielder is off-field, which means bow users who can deal damage off-field like Fischl and Yelan would still get this buff.

Its passive "Damage Bonus" is universally good. This type of buff works on all kinds of dmg whether it is physical, elemental, charge attack, burst, normal attack, etc. This is why the bow can be a universal choice.

Higher refinement levels boost the HP and damage bonuses of the bow up to x2.

At level 90, the weapon provides players with only 542 base ATK damage, much lower than the usual 5 star bows. The Amos' bow, for example, can get to 672 base damage. This is probably to make up for the mega-powerful Crit DMG substat - players can get a whopping 88.2% Crit DMG at level 90.

This is actually insane against certain enemies with weak spots. In the hand of a skilled player, it is possible to get guaranteed critical hits by landing headshots. The lower base damage might prevent Aqua Simulacra from being useful in the build of other characters.

Aqua Simulacra Ascension materials

Below is the list for all of Aqua Simulacra's ascension materials. Overall, players will need to grind a lot in Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula.

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Ascension materials for Aqua Simulacra

2. Best characters to use Aqua Simulacra


It is pretty obvious that Yelan would be the best character to use her own bow. As she is fairly weak damage-wise, whose HP-based kit and Burst designed around her staying off-field, the bow is rather busted. Its passive allows players to deal consistent damage with Yelan's Burst, as long as they are fighting close and personal with the on-field character.

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Yelan can use all the stats from this bow.

The Aqua Simulacra has 22% more crit damage than the second best crit bow, Thundering Pulse. This ease up Yelan's build greatly, as players can focus more on Crit Rate, HP and Energy Recharge artifacts, all of which can be more useful on Yelan. She definitely needs some ER for more consistent burst uptime.


Tartaglia or Childe is a melee bow user, and because of that, he can always trigger the skill of Aqua Simulacra. While he cannot use the HP bonus of the bow, the 88.2% Crit Damage is still more than good enough. If players don't have Childe's best bow, Polar Star, Aqua Simulacra is definitely the second best option.

Childe Ability
Childe is one of the few bow characters who stay near enemies at all times.


After calculation, the Aqua Simulacra is actually stronger than Amos for both Melt and Freeze Ganyu at R1 vs R1. The reason for that is because the passive still works while off-field and also affects burst rather than just CA for Ganyu.

This means players can switch Ganyu out and still get good damage on her Burst, as it lasts for 15 seconds.

Ganyu Amos Bow
It is a surprise that the Aqua Simulacra is even stronger than Amos.


Fischl is also a great user of the Aqua Simulacra. While it is not the best bow for her by any means, she can definitely use the off-field DPS burst, as most of her damage is dealt by Oz. Similar to most DPS characters, the high Crit Damage passive makes Fischl builds easier, with more focus on Elemental DMG and Energy Recharge.

Genshin Impact Fischl And Oz
Off-field supports like Fischl can trigger the passive fairly easily.

Fischl's Elemental Burst, Midnight Phantasmagoria, deals AoE damage and transforms Fischl into Oz. It also resets Oz's duration, which is the main reason that she needs a decent ER stat.


While the HP bonus would be somewhat useless, however, seeing as she's a bow character who does her best damage when in close range, Yoimiya would generally be proccing the second passive. The sorta low base ATK would be the only real drawback, and that can be dealt with.

Yoimiya Attack
Yoimiya is also a good user for the Aqua Simulacra.

Overall, that amount of crit dmg would be insane on any character and not just Yoimiya. This bow is the second best choice for the character currently, surpassing Amos and Harp.

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