Four banners of Zhongli, Ganyu, Tighnari, and Kokomi are confirmed to be released in Genshin Impact 3.0. If you have a limited amount of Primogems, which Genshin 3.0 banner should you invest and pull? Check out some recommendations below.

#1. Zhongli Rerun

A lot of F2P players skipped the Rerun banner of Zhongli in Update 2.4 because of the Raiden Shogun rerun banner in the next update 2.5. But it's more confusing in Update 3.0 to decide whether to pull Zhongli in the upcoming update when the Dendro archon is likely to come in version 3.2 which is long enough for players to save Primogems again.

In fact, Zhongli is not weak. Besides, the Anemo element cannot help reduce the Dendro resistance in the future which the Geo element can. So, you have more reason to pull the Geo archon. Though Geo cannot react with Dendro, Zhongli is still a useful sub-DPS with his solid shield. If your team still needs a strong supporter, Zhongli is an ideal choice.

Zhongli Is An Ideal Choice In Update 3 0
Zhongli is an ideal choice in update 3.0.

#2. Ganyu/Tighnari Banners

Both Tighnari and Ganyu are bow users, so their gameplay is not very different. They can play the role of Charged ATK DPS or spam Elemental skill and burst to support teammates. But bow users are often hard to control and use than other characters in Genshin Impact.

Ganyu Is Pretty Hard To Control
Ganyu is pretty hard to control.

If you are good at using archer characters like Ganyu, Sara, and Fischl, you can also use Tighnari easily. From your experience when using Fischl, Sara, and other bow users, you can determine your strength and weakness, then, think carefully before making the decision on whether to pull Ganyu and Tighnari or not.

In addition, there are many leaks that Tighnari is not the most powerful Dendro character. Therefore, it's riskier to spend your limited amount of Primogems on their banners.

Tighnari Is The First Dendro Character
Tighnari is the first Dendro character

#3. Kokomi Rerun

F2P players and beginners should be more confusing between Kokomi and Zhongli because she is more useful after Update 3.0. From the Sumeru update with the arrival of the Dendro element and new reactions, Hydro characters are more important. Hydro and Electro are two important elements in most Dendro reactions.

Kokomi will let you build more ideal teams with Dendro DPS. Besides, this healer is also more essential in the new meta of the game when many elemental reactions deal DMG to both characters and enemies.

Kokomi Is The Best Choice Now
Kokomi is the best choice now.

Kokomi is not a weak playable character in Genshin Impact since many versions ago. She is an important Hydro source in many Frozen and Electro-Charge teams, such as Yae Miko's team. The upcoming rerun banner of Kokomi is an interesting choice.

Final Decision

The best choice for beginners and F2P players in Genshin Impact 3.0 is Kokomi. She will be more essential in the upcoming meta and let you build many strong and useful Dendro-Electro-Hydro teams. Moreover, Hydro resonance may get a great HP buff after update 3.0.

If you have got this character already, Zhongli is the next priority. Or you can skip all these banners and wait for the arrival of Nilou and Cyno in update 3.1.

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