Genshin Impact cleansing defilement is an important world quest in Inazuma. It's a long quest with many puzzles to solve and bosses to defeat. Here are all locations and solutions to those difficult puzzles in the Cleansing Defilement quest you need to know.

I. Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement Locations

You need to reach level 30 in the Adventure Rank to unlock this quest. Then, you do this quest on Narukami Island. After you start the quest series of 'Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual' and complete the world quest Sacrificial Offering, you can do Cleansing Defilement.

There are three locations for the ritual that you need to drop by, including Chinju Forest, Kamitato Estate, and Araumi. You need to go through some steps to solve the puzzle at each location. After solving the puzzle, players need to defeat some bosses to complete the ritual.

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement
You need to complete some Torii puzzles in three locations around Narukami island in Inazuma.

II. How To Solve Puzzles

There are three puzzles in three ritual locations you need to solve. Check out how to solve these puzzles in Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement.

#1. Genshin Impact cleansing defilement Kamisato Estate

You need to find the Kitsune statues under the cliff on the northeast side of Kamisato Estate. The stone statue is under a Sakura tree. Then, go further to find another Kitsune statue and open the underground dungeon under Kamisato Estate.

Kitsune Statue
Find the Kitsune statues near Kamisato Estate and open the gate to the hidden cave.

To cleanse the Barrier, adjust the right order of the Torii. Here are the right orders of Torii.

  • Back: 2
  • Right: 3
  • Left: 3
  • Front: 2.

After the puzzle is solved, two Ochimusha enemies are summoned. Defeat them.

Defeat Ochimusha in the underground cave to complete the ritual.

#2. Genshin Impact cleansing defilement Araumi puzzle

Aurami has another Torii puzzle for you to solve. It's also hidden underground, so you need to find the way to the hidden cave. To open the gate to the cave, Genshin Impact players have to scan and hit the Kitsune stone statue and press the button on the wall.

Then, go to the chamber of Torii to solve the puzzle. The right order of the lanterns in this chamber is different from the one in Kamisato Estate.

  • Front left: 3
  • Front right: 3
  • Back left:2
  • Back right: 2

There is only one Ochimusha in the Torii chamber in Araumi. But this boss is very powerful and dangerous. Take him down and move to the last location.

The gate to the underground chamber in Araumi is inside the ruined tower next to the big Sakara tree.

#3. Chinju Forest cleansing defilement puzzle

Chinju Forest also has a cleansing defilement puzzle to solve. In this forest, you will follow and play with three Tanukis to get the ward to the hidden cave of Torii. The puzzle in Chinju Forest is a bit more complicated with some lanterns located in high spots.

Here is the right order of the lanterns.

  • Lower Left: 3
  • Upper Left: 2
  • Upper Right: 2
  • Lower Right: 4

Then, you also need to defeat one Ochimusha boss after solving the puzzle. After reporting the quest, you will receive all rewards for it and unlock the next world quest of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest series.

Play With Tanukis
Play with Tanukis to obtain the ward to the hidden ritual cave and solve the puzzle.

III. Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement Final Boss

Ochimusha is the final boss of all Cleansing Defilement puzzles. This boss has either Pyro or Electro element. When you encounter two Ochimusha bosses after solving the puzzle in Kamisato Estate, they will bear different elements.

To defeat these bosses, you should choose the best characters to counter their physical and elemental attacks. Here are some highly recommended characters to defeat Ochimusha quickly.

  • Yoimiya: Her elemental burst can react with the Overloaded reactions to take the enemy down faster.
  • Ayaka + Xingqiu: The Frozen reaction of Ayaka and Xingqiu help you freeze this boss and stop his attacks.
  • Zhongli/Noelle: You need a shield creator in your team to protect your characters with a Geo shield. These Samurai bosses have powerful slashes, so you need to defend yourself.
Freeze Ochimusha
Freeze Ochimusha bosses to stop the enemy and defeat them faster.

IV. Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement Rewards

After solving three ritual puzzles and reporting the quest, you will receive many rewards. In addition, you will have an interesting experience in the game.

  • 60 Primogems;
  • 5 Hero's Wits;
  • 8 Mystic Ores;
  • 500 XP;
  • 50,000 Mora.

Besides, you will unlock the world Cleasing Yougou in Inazuma. You can also obtain some Electroculus in those hidden caves. It's essential to complete this quest as soon as possible. You will receive a lot of experience points to rank up in the game.

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