Genshin Impact is a well-known game across multiple platforms. Sometimes it gets viral for the in-game characters' hilarious lines or even the tear-jerking back-stories of the NPCs. But do you know the game's virality also comes from its very pool of players?

Below are some of the most random yet relatable conversations between Genshin Impact players we have been able to collect on the virtual sphere. Let's take a look.

(Credit goes to the owner and every player involved)

1. Brutal but true

Reaching friendship level 10 with a character in Genshin Impact usually takes quite a while as you have to have their company on many fights.

But we guess that we can take some lessons from this instance. Do not flex if the other person has the most brutally honest comeback to give.

Img 3906
It basically means "get a life".

2. Simple solutions

If you wonder what the players converse when they are in co-op mode, sometimes after they finish a domain, they just have chitchat and that's fun enough.

Img 3913
Wow, smart.

Same energy:

Img 3890

3. Language barrier

Don't you forget that Genshin Impact is played on multiple servers. That's why language barriers may happen from time to time, especially for those who are not good at English.

Below is an example of a Japanese player and a player that apparently knows nothing about this language. Did adding some suffixes actually help them co-op well in that domain? We have no idea.

Img 3914
Do the Japanese find this offensive?

And this case is just a huge talking at cross purposes.

Img 3916
English slangs are hard.

And this, a Korean player is praising another player. The language is a bit off, but the spirit? So great!

Img 3917
They are praising you, just accept it. And what is K-drama? It's Korean.

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4. Modern love stories

Do you ever think you will be one of those who find your true love via the Internet? And in this case, Genshin Impact?

In some cases, it takes two months for a guy to confess. But the end takes quite a turn for these Genshin Impact players.

Img 3919
The ending is just unexpected.

And in other cases, while many people hop on back-to-back dates and still struggle to find the right one, this Chongyun player just takes that chance and flirts as soon as they manage to get into the Razor main's world.

Img 3921
Very straightforward.

Take it to another level and we have:

Img 3892

Higher level and we have a whole family with 2 kids and a house with a garden:

Img 3891

5. Music spirits

"miu" dropped their most angelic vocal and some choreography for "tala" just to leave a minute later. For those who haven't known, this is Shape of You by Ed Sheeran.

Img 3918

And "max" is a bit emotional, although "eiji" threatened to kick them from their world. Seriously sometimes a little music harms no one, though.

Img 3910
The reference is Mr. Loverman.

6. A little too much into their character

Tomo is Kazuha's best friend who passed away. Hu Tao is the Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

Img 3915
Invitation to hell.

We don't really know what "act like a Childe main" means. But in johan's opinion, maybe it means:

"A person who is overly sensitive, emotional, and full of angst, or who adopts a certain style characterized by dyed black hair, tight t-shirts and skinny jeans, etc. a person who is overly sensitive or emotional."

Img 3905

7. Just straight-up offensive

Not every player has money so commissions still remain one of the easiest Primogem sources,

Img 3920
The economy is collapsing. Commissions matter!

Did you know being in your 20s means you're old?

Img 3922
We bet kuromi belongs to Alpha generation.

Straight-up insults these are:

Img 3898
raeeeee feels attacked.
Img 3899
Now that is cruel.

8. Bestie energy

These players may become best friends in real life, we bet. And why is it always between Xiao and Venti mains?

Img 3907
Img 3912
Img 3902

9. More Genshin Impact chats that just make sense

You can read some of the most hilarious Genshin Impact memes and conversations below. If there's any chance these players can read this post, just wants to say you are great and you brought a smile to our face. Cheers!

Img 3923  Img 3901

Img 3903

Img 3904

Img 3908

Img 3911
I'm strong so yolo!
Img 3894
Alright, call a math teacher for these two please.

Img 3889

Img 3895

Img 3896
Img 3897
But why?

Img 3900

Screen Shot 2023 02 18 At 18 25 32
Ending the series with taste.

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