Using food is an important method to complete material domains in Genshin Impact quickly. Check out the best food to prepare before farming materials in Genshin Impact domains after update 3.4 here.

Prepare Food To Boost Stats
Prepare food to boost stats.

#1. ATK-Boosting Dishes

ATK-boosting dishes are very essential to win difficult domains where you have to counter dangerous bosses. Consuming this kind of stat-boosting dish makes your team stronger to deal higher damage to enemies. Here are the three best ATK-boosting dishes you should cook.

  • Adeptus Temptation: Matsutake, Ham, Crab, and Shrimp Meat;
  • Jade Parcels: Lotus Head, Jueyun Chili, Cabbage, and Ham;
  • Qingce Household Dish: Mushroom, Lotus Head, Jueyun Chili, and Cabbage.

All these dishes are Liyue recipes that you can get after unlocking the nation of Geo. These dishes help boost all party members' ATK by 272 to 316 and CRIT Rate by 8-10% in a limited period of time. If the effect ends during the combat, find a safe place to consume more.

Liyue Has Many Good Food
Liyue has many good food recipes for ATK boosting.

#2. DEF-Boosting Dishes

DEF is another essential stat that you should increase to keep your party safe and alive to win the domain challenge. Consuming DEF-boosting food before starting combat increases this stat for the whole party. Check out the best food to increase your DEF here.

  • Chili-Mince Cornbread Buns: Mushroom, Lotus Head, Jueyun Chili, and Cabbage;
  • Triple-Layered Consommé: Raw Meat, Flour, Cabbage, and Jueyun Chili;
  • Jewelry Soup: Snapdragon, Tofu, and Lotus Head.

Obviously, Liyue culinary culture has a lot of delicious and helpful dishes for combat challenges. You can collect enough cooking ingredients for these three DEF-boosting dishes all around this country to increase the Shield's strength and party members' DEF.

Unlock All Food Recipes
Unlock all food recipes to great stat-boosting dishes.

#3. Adventurer's Dishes

Adventurer's dishes are also helpful for farming domains in Genshin Impact. They can help improve your performance by increasing the Stamina of your characters. Then, your active character will consume less Stamina when they sprint around the domain.

Here are the best Adventurer's Dishes that you should prepare for your team.

  • A Buoyant Breeze: Carrot, Potato, and Onion;
  • Minty Meat Rolls: Mint, Raw Meat, and Jueyun Chili;
  • Cloud-Shrouded Jade: Lotus Head, Bird Egg, and Sugar.

The Stamina consumption will decrease by 20 to 25% for 900 to 1800 seconds. During the effective time of these dishes, your character can print more often to dodge enemies' attacks and prepare to surprise them from their backs.

Each Character Has A Signature Dish
Each character has a signature dish with excellent boosting effects.

Bonus: Cooking Tips

You should try to get rare food recipes rated with three stars and above. Then, unlock the auto-cook features by cooking 15 to 25 successful times for each recipe. You should collect and save enough ingredients for more times of auto cook to increase the chance of getting delicious dishes with better stat-boosting effects.

Visit shops and food vendors in all cities around Teyvat to purchase the necessary ingredients for cooking, such as Shrimp meat, crabs, etc.

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