Genshin Impact has been gaining attention from all over the world with its engaging gameplay and collection of diverse characters. In the game, the best way to be an ultimate player is to gather the best team with damage dealers, healers, shield units, and sub-damage dealers.

However, free-to-play (F2P) players certainly do not have as many choices to get their desired characters as those who invest some money. To deal with this disheartening Gacha system, here’s a list of the best Genshin Impact F2P friendly characters you can consider pulling for.

1 - Sangonomiya Kokomi

The Priestess of Watatsumi is one of the best Genshin Impact characters you can build, being a F2P player.

While obtaining the Ocean-Hued Clam artifacts for her is quite challenging, you can just equip HP sets on Kokomi. She can still be an ultimate top-tier healer even without her DMG dealing skills.

Moreover, you don’t have to get Critical Stats to use Kokomi. Her suitable Catalyst is also not hard to get.

Travelers may use either Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers or Prototype Amber instead of her special Ever Lasting Moonglow.

Kokomi Genshin Impact F2p Friendly Characters
Kokomi is a worthy F2P friendly 5 star Genshin Impact character.

2 - Kazuha

At first, Kaedehara Kazuha was said to be a weaker version of Venti. However, after a while, he is proven to be an essential powerhouse in almost every intense fight.

Despite being a 5-star sub-DPS, he is also amongst the strongest Genshin Impact F2P friendly characters tier. Kazuha can group opponents, boost Elemental damage, and heal a good amount of damage himself.

He can literally make any in-game character better. His versatility makes him one of a kind.

Kazuha Best F2p Friendly Character
credit to: @asagizuisen

3 - Albedo

Is Albedo F2P friendly? To say the least, Albedo is also among the top Genshin Impact F2P tier. The Chalk Prince is a great sub-DPS who has a DEF-scaling skills.

With DEF artifact sets, he can easily work the way up the strongest Geo character rank. Though the current best-in-slot artifact set for him is Husk of Opulent Dreams, you can max his power out with random sets.

When it comes to Albedo’s weapons, apart from his special Cinnabar Spindle sword, you can let him wield a 3-star weapon without decreasing his effect: Harbinger of Dawn.

Is Albedo F2P friendly? Yes, and not just that, he can beat Spiral Abyss effortlessly.

4 - Ganyu

If you are wondering "is Ganyu F2P friendly", the answer is a yes.

Being one of the best DPS in the game, Ganyu also owns a slot in the list of Genshin Impact F2P friendly characters.

Although she is a 5-star unit like Xiao, Hu Tao, and Itto, Ganyu can still make the most out of free-to-play weapons like Hamayumi and Prototype Crescent. Besides, with the right equipment, the damage she can deal is just crazy.

is ganyu f2p friendly
Make sure to pull Ganyu if you want to have a powerful archer in your team.

5 - Venti

The fact that Venti is great for F2P players is not too surprising. Crowd control is the best feature in his kit and you can focus on his Elemental Skill only. This skill also comes naturally, which means no Artifact set, weapon, or main stat is needed for him to control crowds.

Those who want to max Venti’s power out may also opt between a traditional Anemo/CRIT/ATK build or an Elemental Mastery build.

Besides, F2P players may be glad to know that the Anemo Archon’s Constellations do not contribute that much to his combat outcomes. Therefore, unlike other characters who crank it up a notch with Constellations (Raiden Shogun C2, Hu Tao C1), Venti can stay powerful with C0.

Venti Bow
Venti is F2P friendly and is great for both combat and exploration.

6 - Zhongli

Another Archon enters the F2P friendly 5 star Genshin Impact character tier. Morax is a shielder whose protection scales with HP. Though his best artifact set is the 4-piece Tenacity of the Milleith, he can work efficiently without any specific set.

Like Albedo, Zhongli can also use a 3-star weapon without losing his prowess. Black Tassel’s sub-stat offers HP% while the polearm can enhance the strength of the Geo Archon’s shield.

Players who think Zhongli already owns enough HP can also utilize him as a Sub-DPS. His Burst can deal good damage while petrifying the opponents.

These are some of the reasons why both Zhongli and Albedo are the best characters for Spiral Abyss.

Zhongli Azhdaha
Almost all Archons are good for F2P to use.

7 - Bennett

With Bennett, you just need to stack Energy Recharge and HP. For Bennett’s weapon, you can use any sword with Energy Recharge sub-stat and it will do its best.

One more reason why he is F2P friendly is that he works best at C1. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about getting too many of his copies. His easy build and diverse abilities make him an irresistible choice in the game.

8 - Raiden Shogun

Last but not least, the Electro Archon – Raiden Shogun is also one of the top Genshin Impact F2P friendly characters you should use.

Her ultimate weapon is The Catch which can be refined to the maximum just by fishing throughout the open world.

Raiden Shogun genshin impact f2p friendly characters
Raiden Shogun - one of best Genshin Impact F2P friendly characters.

Also, she is amongst the best Batteries in the game. You can just utilize her in any team comp.

The only setback to using her is her best artifact set - Emblem of Severed Fate, is quite hard to collect. Fortunately, you may use the Noblesse Oblige as an alternative.

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