Albedo, aka the “Kreideprinz”, is the Captain and Chief Alchemist of the Favonius Investigation Team in Genshin Impact. Among the game’s character tier, he is a sword wielder who can deal huge Geo AoE damage.

As one of the most viable characters, he may also defeat the Geo Archon to take the top spot. Being the sub-DPS of the team, Albedo has the lowest Elemental Skill cooldown time which makes pricing Geo damage effortless.

Here’s a list of tips on how to use Albedo Genshin Impact so that you can make the best out of this character in the game.

Albedo Tips
Go on and find out 9 tips to maximize Albedo's potentials.

1. Defense Artifacts

Trying to get a defense-main artifact set is surely disheartening. However, same to Noelle, Albedo has talents that are scaled based on his defense stat.

When his Elemental Skill is used, it creates transient blossoms. These blossoms can deal AoE Geo damage based on Albedo’s defense stat.

This damage is persistent due to the fact that his cooldown time is low. If you just managed to pull Albedo, you can utilize defense artifacts before grinding for other sets.

2. You can use a 3-star weapon for him

Considering that he is a 5-star character, one of the most surprising Albedo tips is he is the perfect user of Harbinger of Dawn – a three-star sword.
As Albedo has a high defense stat, he will not easily take damage. Harbinger is good for him since its very skill effect: “when the wielder’s HP is above 90 percent, it will increase the Crit Rate by 14 percent”.

Moreover, the perk of using a 3-star weapon is you can easily refine it for maximum potential.

How to use Albedo Genshin Impact
Do you know this 3-star sword is also Albedo best weapon?

3. Albedo best artifacts

Do you know the Chalk Prince has his own custom-made set of artifacts? The Husk of Opulent Dreams set was released in version 2.3, being the only set that owns defense percent as a 2-piece bonus. The 4-piece set can even boost his Geo damage and defense by 6% more.

On another hand, if you want extra Geo damage, use the 2-piece Archaic Petra to get 15% Geo damage bonus. Besides, the 2-piece Noblesse Oblige can boost his Elemental Burst damage by 20%.

4. Make full use of Albedo's Elevator

While Albedo’s Flower deals continuous Geo damage, it can also be used as an elevator. This can be used during a fight and during open-world exploration. When you use his Elemental Skill, you can stand on top of it, and you will rise along with it.

Another essential way for how to use Albedo Genshin Impact is his airborne Flower which deals ceaseless Geo damage. Players can utilize it in combat as well as during exploration.

Moreover, it can be used for Xiao’s Plunging Attacks, or when you want to reach rooftops, and collect the Oculi. You can stand on it and it will lift you up in the air.

Klee And Albedo
Albedo elevator can lift more than just Klee.

5. Albedo Talent Priority

You must not forget to level up the characters' talents as it's one of the ultimate ways to make them undefeatable. The same applies to Albedo.

You should prioritize his Elemental Skill called Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma. Its cooldown time is only 4 seconds and generates consistent Geo damage.

One more reason why Albedo Talent Priority must be his Elemental Skill is that it is also a Geo construct. It can resonate with other Geo constructs such as Ningguang's shield and Zhongli's Pillar.

After that, you can move on to level up his Elemental Burst. On the battlefield, also make sure to utilize his Skill before his Burst.

6. Albedo's Constellations

His excellent C2 is one of the Albedo tips to take notice of. At this constellation level, he will get a "Fatal reckoning" for 30 secs using the Transient Blossoms created. by Abiogenesis: Solar Isotom

This character will get 4 stacks of this effect. Each stack can boost his damage by 30% based on his defense stat overall.

7. Don't forget his Elemental Mastery boost

His Homuncular Nature passive talent, unlocked at Ascension 4, can boost the party's Elemental Mastery by 125 for 1o seconds.

This buff is ideal when you want to generate elemental reactions and cause more damage. And as Vaporize deals the most DMG, players can use him with Hydro and Pyro characters. Also, you may use this tip to set up Elemental Burst rotation depending on your team.

8. Grab the special 5-star weapon for Albedo

Like other 5-star characters in Genshin Impact, Albedo has his own 5-star weapon. Albedo sword - the Cinnabar Spindle, was introduced in version 2.3 with his artifact set.

As a custom design for Albedo, the sword's bonus effect offers a defense boost. Besides, the skill effect can buff his Elemental Skill by 40% based on his defense stat. This effect is triggered every 1.5 seconds, resulting in increased DMG.

Cinnabar Spindle Genshin
The best weapon for Albedo is his special Cinnebar Spindle.

9. Best Teammates for Albedo

Remember to consider the Elemental Reactions and Elemental Resonance when building an Albedo team. In most cases, he is used as a sub-DPS. However, he only shines the best with Ningguang being the main DPS.

How to use Albedo Genshin Impact in your team? Besides the mentioned tip, you can also fill his role as a healer and support character, depending on the opponents.

Zhongli's Pillar and Albedo's Flower can create Geo resonance and deal much more damage. These two are also among the best team for Spiral Abyss 9 stars. Use Xingqiu as support and Hu Tao as the main DPS in this situation will be a great choice.

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