Shenhe is a Cryo Polearm Character in Genshin Impact. She is the best Cryo support in the game so far, and with Ganyu and Ayaka being top tier, people have been using Shenhe in many builds. With her Phys shred, she can also support physical builds with Eula as well. In this article, is going to showcase a complete Genshin Impact Shenhe build guide.

1. Shenhe Genshin Impact Overview

The daughter of an unnamed exorcist couple, Shenhe was taken in by Cloud Retainer as a disciple following a traumatic incident during her childhood.

Shenhe Secret
Genshin Impact Shenhe build usually contain Cryo characters


  • Provides large amounts of Cryo and Physical resistance shred.
  • Elemental Burst has a huge area of effect.
  • Perfect to support mono Cryo teams.


  • High Elemental Burst cost.
  • Not that useful outside of Cryo teams. Non-Cryo party members cannot take full advantage of her support buffs.

2. Shenhe Constellations and Talent Priority


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Shenhe Constellations

Similar to other 5 star characters, Shenhe's constellations are extremely powerful. However, with the low rate, it is highly unlikely that players would ever get more than C1 or C2. Coincidentally, her best talent is C2.

  • C2: Increase Divine Maiden's Deliverance duration by 6 seconds and increase the Cryo CRIT DMG of allies within its field by 15%

This is a good stopping point for players who want to get the most out of Shenhe's kit, without overspending. On top of the huge boost to CRIT DMG, her Burst would get a whopping 6 seconds of extra duration. This cut its downtime to just 2 seconds, which is an amazing buff for Cryo and Physical DPS teammates.

Talent Priority

With Shenhe's main support skill being her Elemental Skill, it is important that players max that first. Afterward, level up her burst. It is possible to just skip Shenhe's normal attacks, as she usually stays off-field after using all her abilities.

3. How to use Shenhe effectively

Overall, Shenhe works best as a Support or Sub-DPS character. She can deal Cryo DMG to opponents while providing an array of buffs to party members.

Use Spring Spirit Summoning to buff the team

Shenhe's elemental skill is her main support skill. It deals Cryo damage and buffs the team with Icy Quill status. The effect boosts all Normal, Charged, Plunging Attacks, Elemental Skills, and Elemental Bursts that deal Cryo DMG. The value of the buff is based on Shenhe's attack stat.

Divine Maiden's Deliverance Debuffs

Shenhe's elemental burst Divine Maiden's Deliverance deal Cryo DMG in a large AoE, shredding enemies' Cryo RES and Physical Res. Furthermore, players also gain a 15% Cryo DMG bonus inside the effect.

Genshin Impact Shenhe Guide Best Weapons Artifacts
Shenhe's powerful burst.

As her burst decreases enemies' Resistance and boosts your damage, it is very important that Shenhe users cast it first. Afterward, they can move to her skill and switch to the main DPS character.

4. Genshin Impact Shenhe Build

Players can build Shenhe in two ways, one that focuses on her support capability/sub DPS and the other use her as a Cryo Burst support.

Shenhe Sub DPS build

This build aims to boost Shenhe's attack as high as possible to increase the bonus of the Icy Quill buff.

  • Recommended weapon: Calamity Queller
  • Recommended artifact set: Shimenawa's Reminiscence x2 + Gladiator's Finale x2

Alternatively, players can use the Vortex Vanquisher or the Wavebreaker's Fin.

Genshin Calamity Queller
Calamity Queller is the best weapon to use on Shenhe

Shenhe Cryo Burst support build

This build focuses on increasing the damage of Shenhe's Burst.

  • Recommended weapon: Calamity Queller
  • Recommended artifact set: Noblesse Oblige x4

Alternatively, players can use the Engulfing Lightning, Skyward Spine or the Catch.

5. Best teams for Shenhe

While Shenhe shines the most in Cryo teams, she can definitely be used in a Melt team, as her Burst applies Cryo damage over time.

Mono Cryo Shenhe team

  • Ganyu + Shenhe + Kazuha + Kokomi

In this comp, Shenhe is a support/sub DPS who amplifies Ganyu or Ayaka's Cryo damage. This comp focuses on triggering Freezing and deals damage with the main DPS and Shenhe's support.

The trio of Cryo DPS users who are part of Shenhe teams in Genshin Impact

Kokomi is the main support and healer of the team. However, if you don't need healing, it is possible to replace Kokomi with Xingqiu, Mona or any other Hydro applicator. Kazuha or Venti can crowd control with their powerful Anemo skills. The former can also provide a huge DMG buff to teammates and further reduce Elemental Resistance of enemies for even more damage.

Shenhe Melt team

This team comp makes use of the melt and reverse melt reaction, aiming to maximize Ganyu and Shenhe's damage.

Bennett is still the go-to support that can be slotted into any lineup.

With Shenhe's help, Ganyu or Ayaka can deal massive Cryo DMG with their kit. Her skill provides both attack bonus and Cryo Res reduction. Aim to trigger Melt when possible for huge reaction damage.

Xiangling continuously applies Pyro so Ganyu and Shenhe can deal damage with Melt. Her burst and Bennett also provide good burst damage when needed. Bennett, alongside Pyro resonance, provides healing and damage boost, which is useful in every comp.

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