The Light Fest in Free Fire MAX has started and it brings players a ton of free valuable rewards. Especially, players will be able to get a free Magic Cube and up to 100 Magic Cube Fragments by doing the missions during the festival.

The Magic Cube is a rare item that players can use to get a free bundle in the Magic Cube shop. Players can also get a Magic Cube from 10 Magic Cube Fragments. Let's check out the details below.

Free Fire Light Festival
Free Fire MAX Light Fest event calendar and rewards.

Free Magic Cube Fragment Free Fire MAX

From 17-18 October, players need to travel in the game for a total of 5000 meters to get 10x Magic Cube Fragment.  To complete this mission easily, players can grab a vehicle in the Battle Royale mode and travel as much as they can. After they have traveled the required distance, they can head to the event section to claim their Magic Cube Fragments.

Free Magic Cube Fragment
Get free 10 Magic Cube Fragments in Free Fire MAX event.

Free Magic Cube Free Fire MAX

On the peak day of the festival, 24 October, players can get a free Magic Cube if they log in to the game and play for a certain duration of time. The mission is super simple and you definitely wouldn't want to miss this opportunity.

Other than the free Magic Cube, players will also get free skins for their weapons, vouchers, and other rewards from the missions.

There will be more surprises for Free Fire MAX fans after the peak day of the Light festival so stay tuned and we will update you with the latest information.

Free Magic Cube
Get a free Magic Cube as well as many other free rewards in Light festival in Free Fire MAX.

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