Lately, fans have been very angry with Ghatak as he apparently insulted MortaL, one of the most beloved PUBG Mobile players, streamers in India. MortaL is also famous for being a calm, down to earth person, who is always polite to everyone no matter what happens. He has proven his maturity through many dramas and incidents such as in the recent controversy between team SouL and team INES when he apologized on behalf of his teammates without doing anything wrong.

So what on earth could Ghatak be mad about to the point that he insulted MortaL's mom? Let's look into this matter with us and see what happened.

It seems that this incident happened a few months ago. It seems that Ghatak was truly angry with a SouL member at the time, but it was not MortaL. It was Sangwan whom he angry with.

About 3 months ago, Ghatak, Sangwan, Zgod, and Cluchgod played together in a game. However, Sangwan went off while playing and abused Zgod. Ghatak was angry with him for doing that and insulted MortaL and team SouL in return. He actually said "mortal ki ma ki chut" along with other abused words to talk about team SouL and their fans.

MortaL is known for his charisma personality

Of course, when people find out about this, they are furious about Ghatak, even though he was aiming it at Sangwan. However, according to Mortal, Ghatak has talked to him a while ago and solved this matter so there is no reason to spread the hate just because of something that has already over.

Ghatak is the leader of Entity Gaming

As the leader of Team Entity Gaming, Ghatak still needs to learn a lesson from this and be more mindful of what he says. It doesn't really matter if you have the best PUBG Mobile team in India, you still need to be considerate about your words to be a decent person.