Airdrops are something all 100 players on the map of PUBG Mobile anticipated - and because of that, getting your hand on it is actually rather tricky. This is a source of rare items that players otherwise cannot find on the map - most if not all of those items are overpowered. A lot of players, both experienced and inexperienced, would be drawn to the sound of the plane and the red smoke trail emitted by the blue crate. If you are not careful while approaching the drop, it could definitely be your doom.

862743 D574
The AWM is the strongest sniper rifle in the game, with the ability to 1-shot kill even level 3 helmets

1 - What are the drops from the crates?

  • Costume: Ghillie Suit
  • Weapon Modifiers: high-level scopes like 4x or 8x, along with silencers
  • Consumable Items: Adrenaline Syringe and Medical Kit
  • Gear: Level 3 Helmets, Armors, and Backpacks
  • Weapon: AUG A3, Groza, MK14, AWM and M249

These items are all extremely powerful - sometimes even game-deciding in the case of the AWM.

Where To Find Ghillie Suit Pubg Mobile Map 1380
The Ghillie Suit is a great ambush tool

2 - Timing to get the drop

You have to focus on the sound of the plane on the map and track the expected drop location. The ideal time to jump in, get the crate and retreat to a safe location is within 10-15 seconds of the drop. Afterward, the place is likely to be filled with hostiles. Smoke grenades can be used to cover your track while looting.

Pubg Update 26 Flare Gun
The Flare Gun is a very rare weapon that can be used to summon an air crate.

3 - Coordination

In squad mode, the two members with highest level gear should crouch walk to get the drop - the other two should look out for dangers. It is bad to reveal the position of all team members just because of a crate. Loot can be divided between team members later.

Pubg Special Care Package Flare 1 4eae
A care package landing on the map

4 - What to do after looting the drop

You need to retreat immediately and maybe camp for people who come to investigate the zone. Ambush is one of the more common ways to get kills, and with a tasty bait like the drop crate, many other players would come.

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