GTA 5 came out for the first time in 2013 but needless to say, more and more players have admitted that no other version in the same Grand Theft Auto series could bring such an immersive experience like GTA 5. With that in mind, we’re on the lookout for a GTA 5 fan made download for Android.

Gta 5 Mobile
How to get a GTA 5 fan made download for Android?

Where To Get A GTA 5 Fan Made Download For Android?

Even though some titles in the GTA lineup were already released for mobile devices, Rockstar Games hasn’t done the same thing to GTA 5 as speculated.

Meanwhile, just by typing in some keywords like GTA 5 for Android or GTA 5 Android on Google, you’re going to encounter several websites that talk up about the GTA 5 fan made game download for Android.

Gta 5 Fan Made Download For Android
Several websites talk up about a GTA 5 mobile version made by fans.

Most of such fan-made versions are GTA 5 Fan made APK download for Android and users have to download and install the setup file manually instead of getting it directly from Google Play Store.

Apart from all the links you’ve found from your own search queries, take a look at some of the most downloaded fan-made GTA 5 Android games at the YouTube video below:

Agree to disagree, those GTA 5-like replicas look really identical to the original title at some points even if the low-quality graphics couldn’t meet our expectations. The video also provides us with detailed download links for them but we’re yet to test them out because of security concerns.

Gta 5 Apk Download For Android
Agree to disagree, those GTA 5-like replicas look really identical to the original title at some points.

Installing a GTA 5 fan made download for Android from unknown sources means that you’re likely to put your phone at risk without any guarantee. If you’re all set to take the plunge in exchange for playing GTA 5 on mobile, there’re two steps you need to follow:

  1. Check on both the website and the link you’re about to opt for. For example, you should read the feedback comments carefully to examine what could happen to your device after the download or installation.
  2. Make sure that your device has been backed by reliable antivirus software. In certain cases, this prevents malware and harmful apps from ruining the system, collecting your privacy data, etc. Once something risky is detected, you’re better to abandon the download or installation as soon as possible.

How To Play GTA 5 On Android By Mirroring The Game Via Steam Link?

In case you’ve decided to not involve in GTA 5 fan made download for Android, there’s another way to play GTA 5 on mobile phone. Some apps like Steam Link and PS Remote Play enable us to mirror the game from a PC to your phone.

You can learn more about the steps to use Steam Link to notch up that experience in this article: How To Play GTA 5 On Android Legally Via Steam Link.

Note: In addition to a PC/laptop capable of running GTA 5, you should equip yourself with a quality smartphone model and a stable Internet connection. Both the devices should also be connected to the same network for a lag-free and smooth mirroring process.

Top 5 Android Games That Most Closely Resemble GTA 5

1. Grand Gangsters 3D

Frankly speaking, Grand Gangsters 3D comes packed with an open-world map alongside similar mechanics but the main gameplay mostly focuses on car theft and street races. The game also has a fair share of shootouts, so you’ll still have plenty to do in Sin City.

Grand Gangsters 3d
Grand Gangsters 3D

2. Payback 2

Payback 2’s gameplay revolves around shooting and gang violence at a higher tension as compared to GTA 5. You can step into various missions to change the in-game society turbulence as long as you’re ready to get along with its biggest downside – the graphics will never be on par with GTA games.

Payback 2 The Battle Sandbox
Payback 2

3. Madout 2

Given that you’re quite a naughty player, Madout 2 appears to the greatest pick for you, among all GTA 5-like games on this list. This action game boasts not only a diverse pool of vehicles (over 30 different models) but also a heavy arsenal of weapons for cut-throat collisions, not to mention that the game is built with a unique race mode.

Madout 2 Big City Online
Madout 2 Big City Online

4. Gangster Vegas

In Gangster Vegas, you play as a skilled MMA fighter who falls prey to a mafia boss. You’ll be tasked with the main story missions set in Las Vegas, you’re good to roam around the city and throw yourself into numerous side activities, such as underground fighting tournaments, street racing, bank robberies, gang wars, etc. Based on the famous Gameloft-developed Gangster franchise, this installment doubtlessly shares a lot of similarities with GTA 5.

Gangstar Vegas Android
Gangster Vegas

5. Go To Town 5

The last name to be mentioned is Go To Town 5, an excellent Android game that is more than just a boring copy of GTA 5. This game actually matches several GTA elements to its own vivid visuals. Remember that you may have to spend some time mastering the game controls, but you’ll find it very interesting with funny missions.

Go To Town 5
Go To Town 5

GTA 5 fan made download for Android is not completely safe and legitimate but you can still have it done, for better or worse. Otherwise, let's take advantage of the Steam Link app or just bring yourself another non-GTA 5 yet fantastic title as suggested above!