Free Fire is a popular mobile game in the world now. It’s also one of the most downloaded battle royale games due to some advantages like low battery, low memory and short match time. But after some updates, the size of this game increased significantly. Now, it’s around 1GB after installation.

Free Fire
How to play Free Fire without downloading and installing

If your phone’s free storage is not large enough for the game, you can play it online and don’t need to download the game on your phone. Here are steps to play Free Fire on your phone without downloading it.

Guide On Playing Free Fire Without Downloading It

Sometimes, players cannot download the game and install it on their phones. For example, their phones do not have enough free storage for the game. Or else, they have some other important things to save and have to delete the game to make room for those files. 

Free Fire Trial Game
Free Fire Trial Game

Here is the guide on how to play Free Fire online that you can try to play it without downloading it. First of all, you go to Google Play Store on your Android devices and search for the game. Then, choose the Free Fire game from the list of recommended games. 

Then, you will see a ‘Try Now’ button on the left side of the button ‘Install’. To play the game online without installing it, choose the ‘Try Now’ option. Then, the game will automatically start loading and you can play the game online. Unlike other games, Garena Free Fire lets its players enjoy the trial game before downloading it. 

You Play On A Small Map In Trial Game
You Play Solo Game On A Small Map In The Trial Game

In this way, you can play Free Fire as many times as you like without downloading it. However, you won’t be able to play all game modes as well as enjoy other in-game features. The trial game only brings you to classic solo games on a small battleground.