Indian audiences can be nasty and brutal in trolling game streamers. Many streamers are facing similar issues of being bullied by the audience. PUBG Mobile streamer, Tanmay Singh aka Scout lost his control and abused the audience while streaming. Pro-gamers close to Scout revealed that he has been harassed by its audience in the chat section after failing to qualify PMCO Global. GuruGamer spoke to YouTubers playing PUBG Mobile, GTA V Roleplay, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Call Of Duty. They all are expecting a mature audience in 2020.

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One of the PUBG Mobile players who participated in PMCO Global while speaking to GuruGamer said, "I started streaming very late as I was more focused on competitive games. But I always heard from my fellow teammates and streamers that they faced a lot of harassment from their audience in chats. But now I too face the same thing. I always try to keep my calm while dealing with such situations. But at times it becomes difficult to control emotions when chat continues to abuse and spread hate. I always ask my moderators to directly block such users. Even if a person with membership badge abuses, I directly block them."

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Indian audiences drew their attention to GTA V Roleplay when their favorite streamers took to Indian servers for generating quality content. The audience instantly connected with their characters and behavior during the roleplay. But with a lot of attention also comes criticism. Whenever streamers were caught by police officers amidst a robbery escape, they faced abuses and were bullied. Many budding YouTubers started from GTA V Roleplay in a recent while and were brutally trolled.

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A renowned game streamer said, "Indian audience should understand that its a game. At times you succeed while at times you fail. Nothing a big deal to abuse a streamer. Spreading hate messages in the chat section of streamers will only worsen the situation. There are times when both streamers come at loggerheads. This leads to bad content and failed role play. The audience should understand this part. It has been a difficult year for many streamers, but we all hope 2020 will be a year of a mature audience."

YouTubers playing Call Of Duty have a completely different issue. They say, "Its time that Indian audience should mature. Today, Call Of Duty players are neglected. They are treated as trash because people are more glued to PUBG Mobile. We play different games but the audience wants PUBG Mobile which at times is very weird. We as content creators would like the audience to watch different content rather than single gameplay."