Ultimate Rivals: The Rink is the latest name in Apple Arcade’s library of games, which is only getting a new addition every now and then lately rather than a swarm of titles as we see in the first couple of months after the service launches. In any case, this is a multiplayer hockey game where you’ll play as popular stars coming from other sports. Check out its trailer below:

The quirky premise of the game means you’ll get to see how famous soccer, NBA, or NFL players fare on the rink. How good is baseball player Justin Turner on skates? Does LeBron James' natural athleticism extend to hockey?

Well, probably not in the real world. But in a video game, nothing is possible, especially considering that Ultimate Rivals doesn’t even try to be realistic whatsoever. Players will have Turbo speed allowing them to move faster than humanly possible, as well as ultimate abilities to use at the opportune moment.

Ultimaterivals Therink 07 D985_wm
Realism is not a thing here whatsoever

Everything plays out on a variety of neon-colored rinks, with green gem pieces exploding dropping from the goalie whenever they make a save that you can pick up to accumulate your ultimate meter. Checking players will also reduce their health, and once it drops to zero, that player will temporarily be removed from the game. The goal (pun intended) of Ultimate Rivals: The Rink seems to be to deliver on the fast-paced action essence of ice hockey without you having to worry about the rules.

Ultimaterivals Therink 06 4d94_wm
Enjoy the fast-paced action without having to worry about the rules!

The game features a total of 58 pro athletes at the moment, with more promised to be on the way. You'll form a team by selecting a goalie and 2 outfield players, all of whom have varying stats. Then you can either play through the single-player mode or go online to put your hockey skills to the test against other players.

Ultimate Rivals: The Rink is now available on Apple Arcade. For more games that this subscription service from Apple offers, check out our previous articles.