It can be challenging for players to fully experience and gain the benefits of the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail. The game's enemies are tougher and more lethal, particularly for players who enter with an unprepared team. To make the experience easier, players have access to three Blessings that can assist their team and be upgraded and combined for a more effective combo, enhancing their time in the Simulated Universe.

Honkai Star Rail Best Simulated Universe Blessings
Best Simulated Universe Blessings

1. Elation – Champion's Dinner: Cat's Cradle

Champion Dinner Cat Cradle Blessing In Honkai Star
Champion's Dinner: Cat's Cradle

Effect: When characters deal DMG to an enemy with their Ultimate, this attack is considered a follow-up attack. Increases the DMG of follow-up attacks by 55%.

During SU runs, the Elation path can provide significant damage and utility buffs for follow-up attacks. Nonetheless, these Elation buffs are only applicable to a small group of Honkai: Star Rail characters, which can be problematic. However, things change dramatically with the acquisition of Champion's Dinner: Cat's Cradle, which makes all units' Ultimates count as follow-up attacks. This is critical to easily running a full Elation Resonance Path with the team. Even if players are not interested in following an Elation path, this Blessing alone can help to maximize the damage of a character that heavily relies on their Ultimate.

2. Destruction – Regression Inequality of Annihilation

Regression Inequality Of Annihilation Blessing In
Regression Inequality of Annihilation

Effect: Receives 15% less DMG. When player characters are hit, DMG taken by the characters is equally distributed among all allies.

To effectively withstand enemy attacks in a defensive playstyle, it is essential to use Blessings that minimize the damage taken by allies. Blessings like Construct: Firmness and Clear Lucite Body are beneficial, as they can reduce the damage taken by shielded allies by 24% and the damage taken by allies with full HP by 36%, respectively. However, Regression Inequality of Annihilation is particularly valuable due to its dual utility. Firstly, it unconditionally reduces the damage taken by 15%, and secondly, it distributes all damage taken equally among all allies, reducing the likelihood of an enemy one-shotting a teammate. This Blessing is a highly effective tool for defensive strategies in any Simulated Universe run in Honkai: Star Rail.

3. Preservation – Divine Construct: Macrosegregation

Divine Construct Macrosegregation Blessing In Honk
Divine Construct Macrosegregation

Effect: At the start of the battle, characters gain a special Shield that can absorb DMG equal to 10% of their Max HP. Whenever another Shield is gained, this special Shield will also strengthen by 130%. For every 2 turn(s), this will be removed, and then this special Shield can be regained.

By obtaining the Divine Construct: Macrosegregation Blessing, players can significantly enhance their ability to maximize shielding abilities, including others. This presents an excellent opportunity to bolster the durability of all characters, enabling them to endure as many attacks as possible while still dealing Quake damage through the other Preservation Blessings.

4. Remembrance – Perfect Experience: Innocence

Perfect Experience Innocence Blessing In Honkai St
Perfect Experience: Innocence

Effect: After the character inflicts Weakness Break on an enemy, there is a 100% base chance to apply Dissociation on the enemy for 1 turn(s). This effect ignores enemies' chance to resist Frozen.

During a Simulated Universe run that emphasizes the Remembrance Resonance path, Dissociation is an excellent passive to possess. Leveling up the Perfect Experience: Innocence Blessing causes even enemy bosses to Freeze when their Toughness is broken. In this situation, the Dissociation effect is triggered, and when the Frozen effect ends, the bosses will suffer 30% of their Max HP as damage.

5. Preservation – Divine Construct: Metastatic Field

Divine Construct Metastatic Field Blessing In Honk
Divine Construct Metastatic Field

Effect: After a character is attacked, deals Quake DMG to the attacker, equal to 420% of the character's Shield effect just before the attack. This DMG cannot defeat the enemy.

In the Simulated Universe of Honkai: Star Rail, Preservation is an overpowered Resonance. Although the Metastatic Field Blessing requires the other Preservation Blessings to function, it is still a fundamental Blessing to possess for optimal results when following a Preservation Resonance path. If players acquire the Divine Construct: Metastatic Field Blessing and have a capable lineup of Blessings and characters that can maintain the shielding process, enemies will begin to harm themselves upon attacking the characters, particularly if players have developed their characters with CRIT Rate.

6. Remembrance – Ultimate Experience: Shudder

Ultimate Experience Shudder Blessing In Honkai Sta
Ultimate Experience Shudder

Effect: After a character uses their Ultimate, there is a 70% base chance to apply Ice Weakness to a random enemy who has no Ice Weakness for 2 turn(s).

The presence of the Shudder Blessing in Simulated Universe runs can enhance the efficiency of Honkai: Star Rail's Ice characters. This blessing increases the likelihood of inflicting Ice weakness on enemies by 70%, enabling players to bring a full team of Ice characters into the SU. Even if the team only has one Ice unit, it can still help in breaking enemies' weaknesses more quickly as it allows one more character to participate in breaking Toughness.

7. Nihility – All Things Are Possible

All Things Are Possible Blessing In Honkai Star Ra
All Things Are Possible

Effect: If an enemy is attacked while under any DoT statuses, a random DoT will be triggered, dealing DMG equal to 150% of the DoT.

Acquiring this type of Blessing has the potential to enhance the overall usefulness of the team, as every instance of enemy attacks will cause a DoT to burst. Whether it's a subsequent attack, a Skill, or an Ultimate move, these actions will result in a DoT burst. As enemies can only be impacted by a limited number of DoTs at any given time, the All Things Are Possible Nihility Blessing proves to be even more advantageous since players won't waste new DoT applications on the opponent. DoTers will also be able to refresh the DoTs at a faster pace, effectively depleting enemies' HP. This is especially beneficial when players bring a debuffer such as Hook or Sampo to the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail.

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