The Simulated Universe is a tough gameplay feature in Honkai: Star Rail that tests players' skills and strategy. Each world offers unique boss fights that require players to understand mechanics and their characters' abilities. Players need to plan and coordinate their team effectively to overcome these challenges. Finishing the Simulated Universe is both satisfying and rewarding, as it allows players to experiment with different character combinations and team setups.

World 6 in the Simulated Universe is particularly challenging, especially for players who don't have specific characters. This world is the final difficulty level 1 world and requires investment in character traces and leveling up. However, the rewards are worthwhile, including sought-after Planar Artifacts. Even at lower equilibrium levels, players can farm relics from Elite mobs and aim to defeat Cocolia to unlock valuable resources for main DPS and defensive playstyles. Victory is achievable with careful planning.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe 6 Cocolia Figh
Cocolia bossfight

Simulated Universe World 6 Best Team Compositions

When attempting Simulated World 6 with a fully F2P team, players may encounter more difficulties than in previous worlds because they lack a powerful quantum, lightning, or fire main DPS that can match those found in 5-star or other 4-star gacha counterparts. However, by focusing on weakness break and maintaining high HP, players can still succeed. It is important to note that the mechanics of Cocolia in Simulated World 6 differ from her Echoes of War and Story versions. For instance, the Engine of Creation is replaced by a Path resonance of the player's choice, and Cocolia summons Bronya to aid her in phase 2 and beyond, significantly boosting her damage and turn priority. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have characters with AoE or follow-up abilities to deal with Bronya and the ice pillars while fighting Cocolia.

Best F2P Team Composition

Honkai Star Rail F2p Team Simulated Universe World
Best F2P Team Composition
  • Serval: As the primary damage dealer in this composition, Serval excels at dealing AoE damage, making them effective at eliminating additional enemies while gradually reducing Cocolia's HP.
  • Asta: Asta serves as an exceptional support, providing valuable buffs to the team's overall effectiveness and contributing to breaking toughness with her skill that can deal AoE damage.
  • Fire Trailblazer: Fire Trailblazer can perform as Sub-DPS and support as they synergize effectively with Asta and assists the team in managing enemy toughness while providing valuable defensive capabilities.
  • Natasha: AoE Healing

Non-F2P Optimal Characters

Honkai Star Rail Optimal Characters Simulated Univ
Non-F2P Optimal Characters

It's important to mention that Asta and Fire Trailblazer are especially notable in this team composition, even when not relying solely on F2P characters. They can outperform some other 5-star options. Alternatively, players may want to consider using Qingque or March 7th instead of Serval. Although March 7th's potential may be limited due to Cocolia's ice and freeze resistance, her shield abilities can enhance team survivability and synergize well with Fire Trailblazer. However, players who choose to use March 7th may need to acquire additional Blessings of Rememberence to maximize her usefulness. This may reduce the availability of other general blessings that could benefit the team more.

Players who have access to certain characters can greatly benefit in the battle against Cocolia by utilizing their unique abilities:


Being the strongest single-target DPS in the game, Seele can function exceptionally well as the optimal main DPS character due to her kit. Moreover, as she defeats enemies, she gains additional attacks, making her particularly effective at taking care of the ice pillars before focusing on Cocolia.


Himeko is another viable option as a main DPS character due to her ability to perform follow-up attacks after meeting certain conditions, which synergizes well with the constant summoning of adds in the fight. With her AoE damage, she can effectively handle the adds and Bronya while simultaneously dealing damage to Cocolia.


Compared to Natasha, Bailu provides stronger healing capabilities and the ability to prevent an ally from being knocked down once per battle, making her a superior option for healing. Moreover, when healing is not required, Bailu can contribute to the team's damage output and help chip away from the toughness meter.


When paired with Himeko, Hook can generate a significant amount of Burn damage, making them an excellent choice for players interested in utilizing damage-over-time (DoT) effects.

Players with access to these characters can experiment with various team compositions, such as a well-rounded team consisting of Seele, Asta, Fire Trailblazer, and Bailu. Alternatively, they can try an almost mono-fire team consisting of Himeko, Hook, Asta, and either Natasha or Bailu for healing.

Best Path and Blessings for Simulated Universe World 6

Simulated World 6 in Honkai: Star Rail features enemies that are higher in level than the player's characters, just like in Simulated World 5. Unless the player increases their Equilibrium level to 3 or higher, these enemies will deal significant and consistent damage, and may even one-shot the player's characters. Because of this difficulty, the Abundance Path is recommended due to its reliable healing capabilities. Players should focus on obtaining as many Abundance Blessings as possible, as there are various Path Resonances that can greatly benefit the team in this battle. In addition, Preservation blessings can provide extra team protection, while the Hunt blessing may be useful when no suitable Abundance Blessing is available, particularly for teams that feature characters like Seele. However, players who attempt the challenge after their characters are stronger may choose to entirely opt for the Hunt path, although this may only prove advantageous for teams that can sustain their HP effectively.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe Abundance Bles
Best Path and Blessings

In terms of Resonance Formation, players should first focus on The Abundance Resonance Formation - Anatt, which allows characters to constantly heal themselves by placing the Path Resonance in the action order. Additionally, if players can acquire 10 Abundance blessings to remove debuffs from their allies, they can also consider The Abundance Resonance Formation - Anicca as a secondary option. Whenever possible, players should prioritize defensive options or those that move the character forward.

The following blessings should be taken into consideration:

  • Dispel Disaster (The Abundance)
  • Prosperity, Longevity (The Abundance)
  • Mudra of Blessing (The Abundance)
  • Precious Moon-Like Candlelight (The Abundance)
  • Clear Lucite Body (The Abundance)
  • Mortals of the Buddha-Field (The Abundance)
  • Quadrangular Pyramid (The Preservation)
  • Concentration (The Preservation)
  • Burst (The Preservation)
  • Celestial Annihilation (The Hunt)
  • Archery Duel (The Hunt)

It is also important for players to pay attention to other effects that can greatly impact the battle, but the availability of certain blessings or curios is based on luck. Nonetheless, by prioritizing Abundance blessings and upgrading them whenever possible, players can increase their chances of winning the fight, and may even achieve victory through auto-battle.

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