The Herta Space Station featured in the game Honkai: Star Rail is known as the repository for Herta's collection of Curios which she gathered throughout her travels. It is not surprising that her fascination with Curios has influenced the creation of her Simulated Universe, where these objects play a significant role.

In the Simulated Universe, Curios can have diverse effects, some of which can be advantageous while others can be detrimental to the players. This article aims to provide information on some of the most potent Curios that players should watch out for to enhance their gameplay or avoid potential harm.

Honkai Star Rail Best Simulated Universe Curio
Best Simulated Universe Curio

1. Galactic Big Lotto

The Galactic Big Lotto is a Curio in Honkai: Star Rail that carries both a potential reward and a significant risk. Upon destroying destructible objects, players have a small chance of receiving this Curio, which can yield a vast number of items if luck is on their side. However, if players are not fortunate, the Curio may instead cause all characters to lose 99% of their current HP. While this item can be entertaining for those who are extremely fortunate, it is also hazardous.

Galactic Big Lotto Curio In Honkai Star Rail
Galactic Big Lotto

Thankfully, if players have the Physical Trailblazer on their team, recovering the lost HP becomes relatively easy, reducing the risk level from high to medium.

2. Fortune Glue Curio

In Honkai: Star Rail, the Fortune Glue Curio guarantees that all Blessings players receive after winning a battle will be of 3-star rarity when they select their rewards. However, this effect can only be triggered once before the Curio is destroyed.

Fortune Glue Curio In Honkai Star Rail
Fortune Glue Curio

For players who seek a specific 3-star Blessing, Fortune Glue is an advantageous Curio. It becomes even more beneficial when paired with other items such as Chaos Trametes and Beacon Coloring Paste that provide free refresh and random level ups. Additionally, the Void Wick Trimmer can fix the Curio, allowing players to use it one more time.

3. Dimension Reduction Dice

The Dimension Reduction Dice is a Curio in Honkai: Star Rail that provides an additional choice when selecting Blessings after winning a battle. However, the number of available Blessings will be reduced by 1 in exchange for this benefit. This effect can only be triggered twice before the Curio is destroyed.

Dimension Reduction Dice Curio In Honkai Star Rail
Dimension Reduction Dice

Despite taking away one of the options, the Dimension Reduction Dice makes up for it by allowing players to choose two Blessings out of a pool of four instead of just one out of three. Additionally, players can refresh each pool to increase their chances of obtaining their desired Blessing.

4. Infinitely Recursive Code

The Infinitely Recursive Code is a Code Curio in Honkai: Star Rail that enables characters' Basic ATK to recover additional Skill Points. These Code Curios are typically found in a chamber with three enemies, allowing players to repair them immediately. Before being fixed, the Code Curios can have negative effects, but once repaired, they provide significant positive buffs.

Infinitely Recursive Code Curio In Honkai Star Rai
Infinitely Recursive Code

The Infinitely Recursive Code, before being fixed, consumes two Skill Points instead of one when a Skill is cast. However, players can still use one Skill Point if that is all they have. After being fixed, the Basic ATK will recover two Skill Points instead of just one, providing a considerable advantage in gameplay.

5. The Doctor's Robe

The Doctor's Robe in Honkai: Star Rail is a Curio that provides a beneficial effect upon entering battle. It regenerates Path Resonance Energy to maximum and increases Path Resonance DMG by 40%.

The Doctor Robe Curio In Honkai Star Rail
The Doctor's Robe

With The Doctor's Robe, players can use Path Resonance even against small enemies without worrying about running out of energy in the next battle since it will always be regenerated to its maximum. The increased Resonance DMG by 40% is also significant, particularly when Path Resonance can Critical Hit. However, it should be noted that The Doctor's Robe is not useful for players who are pursuing the Path of Abundance, which focuses mainly on healing rather than dealing damage.

6. Chaos Trametes

The Chaos Trametes is a great Curio for players who want to focus on a specific Path. It provides an advantage by increasing the number of free Blessing resets available after winning a battle, allowing players to save 30 Fragments each time. Although the amount may seem small, over time, these savings add up and can be comparable to the value of a 3-star upgrade at the end of the Respite room.

Chaos Trametes Curio In Honkai Star Rail
Chaos Trametes

7. Record From Beyond the Sky

The Record From Beyond the Sky is a Curio in Honkai: Star Rail that provides the effect of nullifying all damage received by allies, except for DoT (Damage over Time), until they are attacked, and also prevents them from being debuffed for three turns upon entering battle.

Record From Beyond The Sky Curio In Honkai Star Ra
Record From Beyond the Sky

This Curio is particularly useful when players encounter a boss that deals heavy damage and moves first, as it nullifies all damage and debuffs for the first three turns. It can be especially helpful during the early stages of the battle, particularly against enemies that can control the team. However, if players are using characters that move frequently, such as Seele and Bronya, the Curio's effect may be depleted quickly, so it's essential to use it wisely.

8. Shining Trapezohedron Dice

The Shining Trapezohedron Dice is not always necessary but it can be a great choice for players. It allows them to exchange any Curios they currently have, including the Shining Trapezohedron Dice itself, with random ones. This Curio can be useful to replace a broken item like Fortune Glue or Dimension Reduction Dice, or to get rid of negative Curios and replace them with positive ones. However, it's important to keep in mind that all of the current Curios will be replaced, so if there is a particular item that players want to keep, they should avoid using the Shining Trapezohedron Dice.

Shining Trapezohedron Die Curio In Honkai Star Rai
Shining Trapezohedron Die

9. Obliteration Wick Trimmer

The Obliteration Wick Trimmer incentivizes players to destroy destructible objects in the Simulated Universe by granting a 3% damage increase for each destroyed object to all allies upon entering battle. Even if players don't enjoy destroying objects, they should still do it as it rewards Cosmic Fragments that have various uses in the challenge. The Curio works best when paired with another Curio like the Omniscient Capsule, which increases the frequency of breakable objects and doubles the rewards they give.

Obliteration Wick Trimmer Curio In Honkai Star Rai
Obliteration Wick Trimmer

10. Beacon Coloring Paste

Beacon Coloring Paste is comparable to the Warping Compound Eye, but with a few key differences. While the Compound Eye upgrades all 1-star Blessings that appear, Beacon Coloring Paste upgrades only one random Blessing among the selection. This means that players may get lucky and upgrade their desired 3-star Blessing. The effectiveness of this Curio depends heavily on chance, but when combined with other Curios such as the Dimension Reduction Dice that reduce the selection to two, players will have a better chance of receiving a free enhanced Blessing.

Beacon Coloring Paste Curio In Honkai Star Rail
Beacon Coloring Paste

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