The PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) East 2020 has come to an end with the top 16 PUBG Mobile teams joining the PMWL East 2020 Finals, including 6 Indians teams. These 16 teams have shown their skills and their consistency and proved everyone that they all have what it takes to be the champion.

The PMWL Finals is going to be the conclusion of the Spring Season of PUBG Mobile with a prize pool of $425,000. The PMWL Finals is going to start on August 6.

How to watch the PMWL East 2020 Finals?

The PMWL East 2020 Finals is going to be live-streamed on multiple different platforms in many languages from 5:30 PM IST August 6 onward until August 9. There will be a total of 6 matches each day. You can check out the matches on the PUBG Mobile India Official Youtube channel and PUBG Mobile Esports Youtube channel.

You can also check out the stream in Hindi and English in the video that we embed right below.

Indian PUBG Mobile teams chance in the PMWL East Finals

While there are 6 Indian teams out of 16 teams, the chance for the Indian teams to win the PMWL East 2020 Finals is quite small. TSM-Entity, the biggest hope of Indian fans underperformed for half of the League Play. They did make a slight comeback in the end but it is not enough to show that they can overthrow the big three teams BOX Gaming, Bigetron RA, RRQ Athena.

Day 3 1
Bigetron RA is just as fearsome now as they were in the PMCO Fall Split 2019

These are the toughest teams in the PMWL East as they have everything from the ability to confront any team to a wise strategy.

Team Megastars is the most consistent team out of all Indian teams as they stayed on the top half in the entire League Play, but they don't have the big factor that can push them up to be on the top.

Orange Rock shined in the first week of the PMWL East 2020 League Play but then they stopped there and letting other teams getting ahead of them in the Super Weekend.

GXR Celtz might be able to surprise everyone once again

GXR Celtz, while they are not very consistent, they totally have the ability to be the champion and create another surprise as they did in the PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia.

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