PUBG Mobile was the one game that put the Battle Royale genre on the world's mobile gaming map. It is also one of the most played BR games as of now, boasting over 735 million downloads worldwide. This chart-breaking game has done a great job of catering to regional needs, meaning issuing different versions of the game for a specific region or country. In this article, let's count down all the different versions of PUBG Mobile.

1. PUBG Mobile Global

The global version of the PUBG Mobile is the standard, original game that boasts over 735 million downloads and almost 50 million daily active users. Most of the eSports tournaments and official events are held based on this version of the game. Players can access this version from almost anywhere on Earth, except the regions where it is restricted. However, it doesn't offer the greatest of getting items from the crates. Plus, the heavy user base also makes the gameplay very laggy for low and mid-end devices.

2. PUBG Mobile Lite

As the name suggests, this is the light version of the global counterpart. It is designed exclusively for low-end devices. The lite version can run on any phone with 2 GB RAM or above. This version is heavily favored among low-end device owners, with a size just tipping 600 MB. However, this version is only available for Android devices at the moment.

Pubg Mobile Lite
Pubg Mobile Lite

3. PUBG Mobile Korea (KR)

This version of PUBG Mobile is meant to meet the demands of Korean and Japanese players. It features a very low ping, which means the game is much less laggy. Crates and lucky spins also come to this server first before hitting the global one. The odd of getting items from crates are also higher.

PUBG Mobile different versions Korean
PUBG Mobile Korea

4. PUBG Mobile Vietnam (VN)

Next, we have PUBG Mobile Vietnam or VN version. This variant is made for Vietnamese players alone. The gameplay is almost identical to the global version. It features the Vietnamese language option, as well as some other changes to meet the Government's requirements.

PUBG Mobile different versions VN
PUBG Mobile VN

5. Game for Peace (China)

PUBG Mobile Chinese version, also known as the Game for Peace (GFP), is an exclusive version for players in Mainland China. The features of the Chinese version are not exactly the same as the rest of the world. While the gameplay concept remains the same, the graphics are much better and appealing in the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile China
Game for Peace

6. PUBG Mobile Taiwan (TW)

PUBG Mobile Taiwan is another region-specific version of PUBG Mobile. Though there are some little differences, the gameplay is almost identical to that of the main version. The only thing you should notice about this version is that it features a much higher chance of getting items from crates than the other versions.

PUBG Mobile Taiwan
PUBG Mobile Taiwan

7. PUBG Mobile India

Last but not least, we have PUBG Mobile in India. Following the ban of PUBG Mobile by the Indian Government, PUBG Corp. had announced an exclusive version of the game for the country's players. It is expected to be online soon after successfully registering itself.

Pubg India Release Leak 8
PUBG Mobile India is coming soon