Both Free Fire and PUBG Mobile have released a massive ban wave to end 2020, with Free Fire banning 3.7 million devices and PUBG Mobile banning 2.1 million devices. In this article, we would list out the most popular hacks in both games... and the percentage of people banned by the developers.

1 - Free Fire ban statistics

Free Fire has a zero-tolerance policy toward cheating - the company has banned almost 15 million accounts just in 2020, according to all of the official announcements made this year. All the banned accounts are lost forever, with no chance of retrieval.

These are the statistics of the latest ban wave. Free Fire players seem to like gameplay cheats, with over 95% of players actively try to get unfair advantages through various methods. Auto-aim, the hack that automatically moves your cursor towards enemies and fire, is the most popular... with 1 out of 3 cheaters using it.

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2 - PUBG Mobile ban Statistics

It is actually a big surprise that Character Mod became the most-used cheat, from only 2% in October, now skyrocketed to 31% at the end of the year. On the other hand, the Auto Aim, X-Ray Vision, and Speed Hack, surprisingly dropped.

PUBG Mobile players seem to like skins more than gameplay hacks - out of 3 hackers, one would use skin hacks. With this hack, you can modify your character as much as you want without having to purchase expensive skins. This is probably the biggest difference between PUBG Mobile and Free Fire - PUBG players don't have much skins while Free Fire players usually already have good skins to use.

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