Free Fire is a popular battle royale game on mobile published by Garena in 2017. The game has millions of daily players from all around the world across many servers.

In order to preserve a good playing experience, servers are separated to prevent high ping problems as well as so Garena can make exclusive events for each region. The price for the same items in different severs is also varied.

Image 2 How To Change Server In Free Fire

This means that you will normally only be able to play in the server that near you the most and you won't be able to jump to another sever across the globe to play against players there or to get exclusive items from those severs. There is simply no option in the game that allows you to do that. But it also doesn't mean that it is impossible.

In this article, we will show you how to change server in Free Fire.

Things you need to know before changing server in Free Fire

There will be some drawbacks and important thing you need to remember before changing your server in Free Fire:

  • You can change the server of the game but your account will stay in the original server. For example, if your account was created in India, only the Indian server has the data of your account.
  • You will have to create a new account after make Free Fire server change.
  • You might experience high ping and lag when playing on the new server depending on its location.
  • You only need to use a VPN once when you create a new account. You can play normally afterward without a VPN.

How to change server in Free Fire

There are actually several ways to change and play in another server than your default server in Free Fire. Here are how you can do it.

1. Guest Account Method

In this method, we will create a Guest account while using a VPN to mask your IP to another location. If your current account is a Guest Account, you would want to bind it to a Facebook account or a Google account first so you don't lose it. To learn how to bind your Guest Account, check out this article: How To Bind Free Fire With Facebook, Google, VK To Protect Your Account.

How To Change Server In Free Fire
Select the server you want to play in the VPN app

Now after you have bound your old account, wipe the data of Free Fire in the app settings. Open your VPN and connect to the server you want to play in. After you are connected to that server, open Free Fire. The next step is to create a new Guest Account, just follow the instruction of the game to create a new account.

To find out if this new account is in another server or not, go to Settings, and look at the bottom left corner of your screen.

How To Change Server In Free Fire
You can check your current server in the bottom left corner of your screen in Settings

2. Create an additional login account

This method is a little bit simpler than the method above and you also don't need to wipe your data. You still need to use a VPN, but you will be creating a Google or Facebook account instead while the VPN is on. After that, link this Google or Facebook account with your current Guest Account.

3. Ask a person from oversea to create an account for you

If you happen to have a friend from other servers, you can simply just askt hem to create an account for you and bind it to a Google account so you can log in to it from your place. You also go to Free Fire forum such as Reddit to ask strangers to help you and someone might do it.

How To Change Server In Free Fire
You can simply ask a person from another server to create an account for you

Now all you have to do is log out your current account and log in Free Fire with the new account you just got.

FAQ about changing server

Q: Do I get banned for using a VPN?

A: No, a VPN doesn't modify your game file, so you can safely use it to change server in Free Fire. Plus, you only need to use a VPN once.

Q: Which VPN should I use?

A: I recommend you to use Proton VPN because you can use their Premium trial for 7 days when you create a new account.

Q: How do I log in to my main account after changing the server?

A: Log out of your current account and then create a guest account to reset your server to default. Now you can log in to your main account through Google or Facebook.

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