Sniper rifles are the most damaging weapon class in Free Fire... and because of their high power, they require a lot of skill to use. Both normal sniper rifles (like AWM or Kar98k) and semi-auto sniper rifles (Woodpecker, Dragunov...) have fairly high recoil that would throw your later shots off.

In this article, we would list out the various ways for you to manage the recoil effectively when using a sniper rifle.

1 - Get weapon attachments

There are 3 attachments that can reduce Sniper Rifles' recoil and increase their general accuracy.

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Provide a reduction in recoil for all equipable weapons.  There are 3 levels of foregrip which provide a low to high recoil reduction. Equippable on all sniper rifles except for the Kar98k and M82b


The stock is a stabilizer that reduces recoil and improves movement speed when holding the equipped weapon. Equippable on the SVD, SKS and Woodpecker.


Free Fire's version of the Muzzle increases the weapon's effective range when equipped. There are also 3 levels for this item - it can be equipped on all sniper rifles except the M82B.

2 - Crouch or Prone

Crouch and prone would reduce weapon recoil and increase stability for almost all weapons, not just sniper rifles. However, your mobility and field of shooting would be reduced greatly in this case. It is best to get to high ground before doing this.


3 - Characters' ability

Dasha, one of the newer characters in Free Fire, has the ability to outright reduce weapon recoil and buildup recoil over time. If you are going to use weapons with heavy recoil like sniper rifles or AK, picking her up would give you a big advantage.

Free Fire Dasha

Laura's ability would increase the stability of your weapon, which also contribute somewhat to recoil reduction

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