When it comes to Free Fire, the game developer always knows how to keep players engaged in the game. Apart from rolling out new events, Garena also frequently releases new characters, pets, bundles, and many weapons, gun skins to keep the game interesting. However, the biggest issue of many players is about not having enough money to buy all the items they want or to take part in events and win exclusive rewards. In fact, many young players cannot afford a large number of diamonds that they rushed into searching “how to hack Free Fire diamonds 99999 app,” hoping that there will be a way to get unlimited diamonds for free. In fact, there are some apps that can make your wish come true but what are they and is there any risk behind this sweetest gift? Keep on reading to find out the answer.

how to hack Free Fire diamonds 99999 app
How to hack Free Fire diamonds 99999 app is one of the most common questions of many players, is it possible for us to do so?

How To Hack Free Fire diamonds 99999 app

When looking for a 99999 app that really works, you will find a lot of websites and online tools which promise to give away free and unlimited diamonds after just a few clicks. However, please be aware that these online tools are all fake, and following their instructions only leads you to a waste of time. In addition to that, you also face the risk of losing your personal information and data into the hands of anonymous individuals and organizations who might make use of it for negative purposes. Among many apps and tools to hack Free Fire diamonds, Free Fire MOD APK and Lulubox are the two most popular apps for players who wonder how to hack free fire diamonds 99999 2020.

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how to hack Free Fire diamonds 99999 app
Using Free Fire MODs is the most common way to hack Free Fire diamonds and other features

With Free Fire MODs APK

At the moment, the most popular and effective way to hack free fire diamonds 99999 is by using Free Fire MODs APK. While the APK file is the package file format for Android devices to install an app, a MOD is a modified version of the app which is created by an unauthorized developer to crack down on the original features and settings of the game. When you can only find the official and current version of the game on the Google Play Store, there is a vast range of Free Fire APK files available on the internet with many serious versions of the game. While the official version can be downloaded and installed automatically, you will need to install the MOD APK file manually. However, it's not too complex that you only need to follow a few steps.

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how to hack Free Fire diamonds 99999 app Lulubox
Lulubox is also a powerful third-party tool to crack down on popular games including Free Fire

Via a third-party application

Apart from using MOD APK files to change the game parameters, using a third-party app is also an effective way for players to hack Free Fire diamond 99999 apps. Among all of the third-party apps which are compatible with Free Fire, Lulubox appears to be the most famous one. Players can download the Lulubox APK file from a trusted source on the internet. After successfully complete the installation, launch the app and find the Free Fire logo to unfold all of the features which can be patched with Lulubox. Apart from cracking on to the game booster, Lulubox can also modify many other features including the game's graphic quality, harmony, and loot location. You just need to pick up which kind of feature you want to makeover then download the corresponding patch and launch the patch before starting the game.


Despite being the best answers for "How to hack free fire diamond app 100 working", all of these mentioned apps, however, will come at a cost. According to Garena, the game pays no tolerance to any players who try to hack, cheat, or use a third-party app to get unfair features. Players who are caught cheating in-game might face up with serious penalties from the game like receiving warning emails, being banned temporarily or permanently.

Instead of trying to hack the game for free diamonds, players can make use of in-game promotions or top-up discounts and bonuses to get diamonds at a cheaper price. In addition to that, using redeem code and other legal Free Fire free diamond apps are also a great way to earn extra diamonds for the game.

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