Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale game that offers various different features to the conventional playstyle. The game has a unique character system with special abilities, pets, and a gigantic collection of aesthetic items. Let's not forget its various control options for players to mix and match to fit their style. However, Free Fire does not support a DPI alteration feature. That is why we are here with a guide on How To Increase Phone DPI Free Fire!

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Read on to find out how to change your DPI

It is true that Garena Free Fire already offers tons of customization options when it comes to controlling settings. Playing the game is much more enjoyable now with the aim locked on the body, head, or limbs by the Aim Assist. But that is for amateurs. If you prefer a little more control over where exactly your guns are pointing at, make some changes to your DPI and Macro.

What is DPI?

DPI stands for Dots Pèr Inch, a technical terminology that describes the alteration in your device's sensitivity. It measures the dot density or the number of individual dots that can fit within the span of 1 inch (2.54 cm). In other words, the higher the DPI, the more pixels are crammed into 1 inch of space. Having a high DPI configuration means you can move faster on the screen.

For example, if your device has 480 DPI, then, if you move your one inch (2.54 cm), the pointer on the screen will move 480 pixels. 480 is also the best DPI for Free Fire value. It's the same as PPI, or pixels per inch. Many resources use the terms DPI and PPI interchangeably, including the Android developer guide.

Recommended DPI for Mobile Devices

Since mobile devices are compact, they can not withstand that high of a DPI span as on PCs. Smartphones now come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, however, they tend to have pretty much identical DPI values. Below are the recommended Free Fire DPI settings for Android devices that run Android 7 or higher:

  • 3GB RAM: 411 DPI
  • 4GB RAM and above: 480 DPI
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Do not change the default DPI if not necessary

Note: In most cases, we would advise you against changing the DPI settings of your mobile devices. Keep it at a maximum of 480 for the best proficiency. A pro tip right here, to find out the exact DPI match for your device, set your font to the smallest!

How to Increase Phone DPI Free Fire?

Now that you know more about DPI in general, check out the steps below to increase DPI for mobile phones in Garena Free Fire:

  • #1 Open the Settings App, then head to the System segment, choose About Phone, and scroll down until you see the Build Number. Tap on the 'Build Number' 5 to 10 times to enter the developer mode.
  • #2 After becoming a developer, your phone will unlock an option to increase the Smallest Width (DPI or PPI). By default, this value is set at 360 to 400.
  • #3 Increase the Smallest Width (DPI) according to your likings.
  • #4 Close the Setting App and enjoy Garena Free Fire with your new DPI.
Android Developer Options
Developer Options on Android devices

DPI Settings for Free Fire APK

If you don't fancy using the Developer Options to alter the DPI, then there is another choice. Download a DPI changer application on either Google Play Store or APKpure. You can check out the Easy DPI Changer [Root] application. Over 1 million users have downloaded this app, and it gets the job done. However, just be careful when you enter the DPI value. It must be compatible with your device's aspect ratio. Get it wrong, then this DPI Download for Free Fire application will brick your phone!

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Find out the aspect ratio first

What Happens When You Increase your DPI?

In case we have not made things clear for you, here are the effects that increasing DPI may have on your devices:

  • Increasing DPI will increase the sensitivity or the number of dots/pixels per inch on your screen.
  • You will scroll faster with the same movement distance of your fingers in Free Fire.
  • It may allow players to scroll more comfortably, resulting in a more enjoyable gaming experience. Perhaps more headshots?
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Increasing DPI may enhance your Free Fire gameplay

Repercussions of Increasing DPI on Mobile Devices

We would like to end our guide on How to Use DPI in Free Fire with a reminder for our fellow readers. There are reasons why the devs set the default values at just 360 to 400. Phones are simply not built to endure higher DPI speeds. Here are the things that you should expect to be dealing with:

  • The number one problem will be overheating and battery drain.
  • System malfunctions may occur after 2-3 days, where only the smallest swipes on the screen can shut down the phone.
  • After 1-2 months, the user may experience a low charging speed and a significant decrease in the phone's life span.
  • Internal breakdowns are possible.
Change the DPI on cheap devices only

That is the end of our guide on How To Increase Phone DPI Free Fire! By doing this, you're subject to inevitable repercussions. Your phone will drain more power for every pixel increased. As a stronger flow of electricity goes through, it causes random touches, and glitches on your screen. The phone's R.A.M and R.O.M are also overloaded. For more guides, tips, and tricks regarding Garena Free Fire, visit our website at