Even the most veteran Fortnite player has to rely on Googles for answers sometimes. And that’s why we are not surprised to witness many people wondering “How to outlast opponents in Fortnite”.

We are more than pleased to help you out with this, so don’t hesitate and dive in right now.

Here's how you can beat 500 opponents in Fortnite and win the quest.

About Fortnite

Before getting to the part of how do you outlast opponents in Fortnite, let’s see why the game itself is so popular first. Fortnite is developed by Epic Games and introduced in 2017. The online video game is available in three game modes that share a similar game engine and gameplay in general.

  • Fortnite: Save the World: a hybrid-tower shooter-survival game to fight zombie-like creatures, allowing up to four players
  • Fortnite Battle Royale: a free-to-play last-man-standing battle royale title, allowing up to 100 players
  • FN Creative: players have complete freedom to make up worlds as well as battle arenas.
Fortnite Zombie Fight
The game is famous for its gameplay and special graphics design.

While the three modes are all well-known, the Fortnite Battle Royale can be touted as the most popular among them. As for those who wonder why the game is such a phenomenon, it has lively visuals and interesting gameplay.

They also have the most exciting alterations to characters and collaborations with many famous personalities and pop culture trends.

Moreover, its visual style is much less violent compared to other multiplayer fighting games. This makes Fortnite appealing to both professional and casual video gamers.

What does outlast opponents mean in Fortnite?

Now before the part of how to outlast opponents in Fortnite, here’s what it means for those who have not fathomed. Ever since the Wakanda Forever Questline was introduced in the game, many players have been attempting it.

Completing the Wakanda Forever Questline, players will get the Wakanda salute emote as a reward. One of the required challenges of the Wakanda Forever quest is to outlast 500 opponents.

Fortnite How To Outlast Opponents
How do you outlast opponents in Fortnite Battle Royale? We have the full guide for you.

Surely lots of gamers are wondering how to outlast 500 opponents in Fortnite.

In short, you just have to survive a Battle Royale Match to defeat opponents. The number of opponents a player has outlasted depends on how many of them remain when the player dies in the game. The quickest way to finish this challenge is not the most effortless way. However, we have got you covered.

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How to outlast opponents in Fortnite

Simply speaking, there are two ways to outlast opponents in Fortnite Battle Royale: staying hidden or doing the missions.

1. Staying hidden

As a matter of fact, hiding is likely the easiest method to survive and approach this mission. You can totally considering crouching inside a bush and waiting for the enemies to get eliminated.

How To Outlast Opponents In Fortnite
You can hide and just wait for the opponents to be eliminated.

While it might not be the most thrilling way to do this challenge in Fortnite, it is indeed efficient and can be kept with little effort. That being said, outlasting 500 opponents via standard gameplay is totally feasible and gamers should feel free to do what they prefer in their game.

2. Completing all challenges

Tips of how to outlast 500 opponents in Fortnite become hot hunted after the Black Panther Wakanda Forever Challenges rolled out. Players will have to complete all of these three missions to unlock the Wakanda Salute emote. And they are flabbergastingly straightforward:

  • Play 10 Matches
  • Play Five Duo or Squad Matches
  • Outlast 500 Opponents

If you really want to complete this challenge as quickly as possible and are wondering how to outlast opponents in Fortnite, the best way would be to camp. You can find a building that’s in the circle and sit under the stairs or in any hidden place and wait for the number of players to drop.

Fortnite 2
Or you can use a transportation means to go around the map.

If you do aspire to complete it as soon as possible, the best way when it comes to how to outlast 500 opponents in Fortnite is to camp.

Alternatively, players may also grab themselves either a helicopter and a car, then roam around the map. Their best bet to accomplish this challenge will be grabbing a helicopter as it lands and then keeps flying across the map. Also, keep an eye on the storm and move in as you need to.

After managing to outlast 500 opponents, you will get an indication that you have completed the challenge, hence earned your reward. The reward is the black and white Ruby Shadows Glider which nicely compliments the Pickaxe and Back Bling. Moreover, you will earn more items if you finish another two Ruby Shadow Quests.

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