To Ensnare A Prey is a new Yelan's Web event that takes place between May 26th and 31st, 2022. You can obtain lots of Primogems and resources from this interesting investigation event. Here's how to play in this event.

To Ensnare A Prey Date

Yelan's web event is available to take part in from May 26th to 31st. You must reach AR 10 or above to be eligible for this event. Then, log in and play.

To Ensnare A Prey
To Ensnare a Prey event. 

How to Play “To Ensnare a Prey”

The current web event of Yelan is available on Genshin Impact's Official Website or click on this link of 'To Ensnare a Prey'. Players need to help Yelan find out the culprit who leaked classified information belonging to the Ministry of Civil Affair.

It's an important mission that Yelan needs to complete. Travelers need to help her find the guilty man and capture him to get 40 Primogems and lots of rewards. Here's how to play this web event with Yelan.

  • Find the Culprit

After entering the event, you can see Yelan sitting in a tea shop. A Culprit has leaked the classified data of the Ministry of Civil Affair. Yella is investigating and trying to find the Culprit. The Millelith in Liyue goes to meet Yelan and give her the case file.

When you check the case file, you click on the Share button to get more information about the Culprit. When you get both Millelith's Clues and Yelan's Intel Notes, you have more details to find out the wanted.

To Ensnare A Prey Event
Get the clue to find the Culprit.
  • Access The Case File

Yelan will converse with four suspects one by one and record their conversations to check their characteristics and other information. Here are four suspects in this case.

  • Jittery Former Cashier of the Mines;
  • Greedy Treasure Hoarder;
  • Honest Street Cleaner;
  • Gluttonous Spicy Food Lover.

Click on the Case Files Button on the bottom left corner of the screen to examine the Conversation Records. You should read the conversations displayed at the bottom of the screen to get important information and clues.

  • Examine Conversation Records

Some words in the conversation records are highlighted and bolded. Players can interact with these details. Click on those words to review suspicious points. Each record has a number of suspicious points that help you determine whether that person is guilty or not.

Based on the clues from the Millelith and the Intel Notes of Yelan, select the one with the most matching suspicious points. If you find and capture the right guilty one, you will get the reward.

To Ensnare A Prey
Point out the Culprit from achieved clues in the conversation and case file.

If you fail to capture the right culprit, you need to do it from the first step and try to find the right guilty man next time. 'To Ensnare A Prey' is a time-limited event, but you only need to find one culprit among four suspects.

Who Is The Culprit?

Greedy Treasure Hoarder is the Culprit who you and Yelan need to find out and capture. This Greedy man has gone to The Chasm recently. Moreover, his statement during the conversation with Yelan does not match the statement of the Former Cashier of the Mines.

While the Former Cashier said that there was a disturbance in The Chasm's Mines, this guilty man cheated Yelan in the dialogue that there was nothing special in the mines recently. It's an evidence to help players and Yelan find out and capture the guilty man.

Capture The Wanted
Capture the Greedy Treasure Hoarder who is the wanted Culprit.

Yelan's Web Event Rewards

Genshin Impact players can get many rewards from Yelan's Web event “To Ensnare a Prey”. That's the reward Yelan gives you for helping her capture the Culprit. Here is the combo of rewards from this easy investigation event.

  • Primogems x40;
  • Varunada Lazurite Fragment x3;
  • Mora x20,000;
  • Mystic Enhancement Ores x2.

Just take part in this event and claim rewards. These rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox. It will end right before Genshin Impact Update 2.7. You should not miss this chance to earn more Primogems and save currencies for the next banners in the upcoming update.

To Ensnare A Prey Rewards
Earn 40 Primogems and lots of rewards from this event by completing Yelan's mission.

You can you these rewards to top up your Primogem in your account and pull Yelan and Kuki Shinobu in the banner of the next update. Their banners will be released on May 31st. Just get ready for this update right now.

Those are everything you need to know about the current Yelan web event - To Ensnare A Prey. You have many chances to find the guilty man and get the money for the completed mission.

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