Setting up a trap and flank from multiple directions are amongst the core strategies for taking out the enemy squads in PUBG Mobile – or even opponents in duo or solo mode. Ambushes are not hard to set up, however, it would require some map knowledge and coordination between you and your teammates. While ambushes in solo mode are possible – the strategy is way more effective with an extra hand or two in Duos or Squads.

Mark Chang Pubg 2
Setting up a trap is one of the best ways to improve your K/D score with minimal risk.

Our basic guide below would give you a general idea of how to create an ambush and gain advantages in combat.

Firstly, you would have to pick a location. There are a lot of good camping locations in PUBG – and many more that you can create by yourself. However, there are a few simple rules that could make a successful ambush.

Holding out on a vantage point over the bridge

You have to put yourself in the enemies’ shoes: where would they go first when approaching a building? Where would the enemies go when the blue zone is spawned so far from this location. With that knowledge in mind, you can either use a jeep to block the bridge for a bridge camp or stand on top of the stairs waiting for enemies to poke their head up. Remember that the hunter can also become the hunted – if you picked a large building with many exits, there would be times that the enemy slips through your traps and flank you.

Drop a weapon or some item to distract the enemy

Secondly, you can make use of their psychological weakness: Greed. Dropdown a gun or a medkit and wait nearby for unsuspecting enemies to fall into your trap. In Duo or Squad mode, the airdrops might also be a great place for an ambush as well, as the enemies would be too focused to get their hand on the sweet loot instead of looking out for a trap. You would need to prepare yourself for a fight, however, as many enemies would be attracted to this as well.

Pubg Fight
Structures with only one way to get in are prime targets to set up an ambush

Lastly, be patient. PUBG is a Survival Battle Royale game – you can just play by yourself until much later in the match when the safe zone shrinks. Sometimes you don’t even have to get the loots, as killing your enemies and picking up the gears from their cold dead body is way easier. Pick a place to lie down and set up your camp – you would be on the top sooner or later.

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