Genshin Impact is an online gacha game where characters and weapons are locked behind a RNG system. Unlike the usual offline game, players would not be able to get all characters and weapons just by playing - they need to pay an exorbitant amount of money instead.

As Genshin is an online game, it is very hard to hack, as all actions will communicate with the game's server. However, there is a way to circumvent this - with Genshin Impact Private Server, we can just remove the "server" issue by having a customized game client connect to a private server instead.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to set up Genshin Impact Private Server. As you have the literal admin rights playing the game like this, you can just unlock all characters and give yourself the maximum amount of all resources and all weapons.

Take note that private servers are illegal. However, you do not use your own account playing on private servers and therefore cannot be banned by mihoyo.

Grasscutter Private Server

Firstly, get to GitHub and browse for Grasscutter. Once you are there you can either click on the releases or you can click on the download in the readme.


After that, if there's a MSI installer listed download that, otherwise download the zip file. Install the software then open Cultivation as administrator. Take note that you need to have Genshin Impact already installed on your PC.

Open up the Options menu and set the game install patch to the Genshin Impact.exe inside the Genshin Impact folder.


Afterward, join a server. There are a lot of servers out there that you can find on various discord. The most trustworthy one is probably Grasscutter Official: port 443.


To do this is quite easy. Click play on grasscutter then set the server address without any of that "http" stuff then set the port to 443 unless specified otherwise by the server. Then enable https unless again specified by the server. That's it, you can launch the game.

Some servers require usernames and passwords, but most don't. You can just type in a random username and password. Once you're in you can do /help to view some of the commands.

Running a Grasscutter server

For running a Grasscutter server, you need the following:

  • Grasscutter (which can be downloaded via this link: ""
  • Java 17 and above (doesn't matter which java version ^17 you download. As long as you have higher than 16, it should be good.)
  • Grasscutter Resources "" , click "Code", then click "Download ZIP")
  • MongoDB (for saving account credentials, weapon owners, character owners, etc. To download, click "Code", then click "Download ZIP")

Tutorial on how to run your own Grasscutter server (locally)

Install Java on your PC

  • Once installed, open your "Command Prompt" and type the following: java -version
  • If you see openjdk version "17.0.3" or something similar to this, that means you successfully installed Java.
  • Once you've done adding Java to Path on System Variables, re-open Command Prompt and type java -version again. If you successfully added Java on Path proceed to Step #2

Install MongoDB on your PC ( click MongoDB Community Server)

Extract 2.7gc beginner starterpack.rar on a clean Folder on your Desktop.

Open Koko-Boya's Grasscutter Resources, click "Resources" and then extract it on the folder you just made on Desktop. Then rename it to "resources" (lowercase R). Ignore this step if you download 2.7gc beginner starterpack.rar

On your cmd, type the following: java -jar [jar file name] It should run perfectly fine consider you just downloaded ohsyme's rar file.

How to join your own server

Here's what you need in order for you to join your own server:

Grassclipper, mitmproxy, or Fiddler (If you don't know how to use Fiddler, I recommend using Grassclipper or mitmproxy since they're both easy to use.)

Tutorial on how to join your own server (hosted locally | Grassclipper method)

  1. Download and Install Grassclipper ( proceed on Releases > Assets > click
  2. Extract Grassclipper on a clean folder on your Desktop (Yes, I know. You could've just extracted it on the same folder as where the Grasscutter is currently located.)
  3. Install Microsoft Edge WebView2 ( once done proceed to Step #4
  5. On "Server Address" type: and then leave the port empty or use 443 if you have OCD then click "Play on Grasscutter"

You should now be able to connect to your own Grasscutter server if you successfully followed this tutorial.

Tutorial on how to join your own server (hosted locally | mitmproxy method)

  1. Download and Install mitmproxy (
  2. Open a "Command Prompt" by typing cmd on Grasscutter folder by using path/address bar (
  3. On "Command Prompt" type mitmproxy -s -k
  4. Launch GenshinImpact via launcher.exe

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