The hype for Sumeru is overwhelming as finally, a new land is arriving in Genshin Impact. Besides that, Genshin Impact Fontaine is already gathering attention as days pass by. While Sumeru represents Dendro, Fontaine is the watery wonderland.

If you are curious about the new Hydro nation, we have collected some of the newest leaks about its possible release date, characters, and back story.

What is Fontaine Genshin Impact?

Fontaine is one of the Seven Nations of Teyvat. While Inazumans look up to the Electro Archon and Mondstadt people live under the protection of Anemo Archon, people in Fontaine worship the Hydro Archon, aka the God of Justice.

Dainsleif also stated that the God of Justice “lives for the spectacle of the courtroom, seeking to judge all other gods. But even she knows not to make an enemy of the divine.”

Yanfei also described the nation’s legal system as notoriously complicated. Besides, Fontaine Genshin Impact prides itself as culture and art’s central hub. It is referred to as a “place of true beauty and elegance”.

Fontaine Via Liben
Liben also mentioned Fontaine in some events.

Fontaine is mostly based on France in the 1910s and its name Fontaine also means “fountain” in French. Through Liben, we also know that Fontaine will be in northern Liyue.

Through these descriptions, we can already imagine how scholarly beautiful this place is. As of now, we have not known whether Fontaine or Natlan – the land of Pyro will release first.

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Who are Fontaine characters?

Although details about the characters of Fontaine have not been spilled a lot at the moment, there are some NPCs that come from this nation. For instance, you probably have heard of or talked to Xavier, Bertrand, or Francis in Xinyue Kiosk.

Caspar Genshin
Many characters in the game have introduced their origin in Fontaine.

Currently, the only characters from Fontaine who have been revealed to be playable are Lynette and Lyney. They seem to be siblings and working at the circus. Besides, we shall be waiting to see the presence of the mysterious Hydro Archon. However, she is not one of the seven Hydro Archons of Genshin Impact.

Lynette And Lyney
Lynette and Lyney are the two playable characters from Fontaine.

Another interesting fact about Fontaine is every Oceanid originates from there, including the Rhodeia of Loch that swells in the waters outside Qincge Village.

Fontaine Genshin Impact release date

HoYoverse has not announced an official release date for Fontaine. However, Fontaine was noted as chapter IV, with its Archon Quest line taking the name ‘Masquerade of the Guilty’ in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline preview. That means it’s likely that we will see the release of Genshin Impact Fontaine in update 4.0, after we have completed Sumeru in version 3.

MiHoyo released Inazuma in July 2021 and Sumeru is about to arrive soon. If Sumeru lasts as long as Inazuma’s story, we may not be reaching Fontaine until around July or August 2023.

But all in all, this is solely speculation. We will need to wait for confirmation from the developers themselves.

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