The most popular and talk-gathering end-game activity in Genshin Impact is Spiral Abyss floors. The special domain is unlocked at Adventure Rank 20 and can be found on the small island known as Musk Reef.

The Spiral Abyss will require its players to feature a set of characters who benefit from particular buffs on each floor. And while different characters create different reactions and granted damage, some remain the most used characters in Spiral Abyss on most floors, way from update 2.4 to 2.8.

Here’s a list of the most favorite characters in this unique domain. What should be noted is the list features the pick rate among the playable team for each account.

Kaedehara Kazuha

84.3% of players who have Kazuha have chosen to use him in Spiral Abyss. He has also topped as one of the most popular Spiral Abyss characters for a long time now.

Build Kazuha
Have you got Kazuha yet?

Since his arrival in update 1.6, he has proven to be the strongest support in the game. A reason why his usage rate is inflated is that his first banner was placed one update before the release of Inazuma. Players chose to skip his banner to save up for the new land.

However, his rerun banner in update 2.8 made his comeback and enter the top 10 banners with the highest all-time revenue. The character will potentially remain in his top-tier position in the hearts of players for a long time.=


In the new rank released on Reddit, the Pyro-healer Bennett ranks second. While some commenters said they were surprised to see Bennett in this position, he is considered the overall best 4-star character in the game thanks to his adapting ability for almost all team rosters.

Bennett Genshin
Bennett is not called the God of Healer for nothing.

His elemental burst, Fantastic Voyage, deals a large field that released Pyro damage while also granting healing in the game. Characters standing in the area will be provided with a strong buff. Currently, he is obtainable being featured on the Tapestry of Golden Flames banner along with Yoimiya.

The banner will expire on August 23. Those who want to pull him will have a couple of days left to recruit him to their team.


Zhongli’s using rate stands at 77.9% and he is also one of the 5-star characters who are usually mained in Spiral Abyss.

Considering the fact that he can summon a meteor and create a shield to protect the active character, it’s no surprise that he enters the list of most used characters in Spiral Abyss as of now.


Fans are also quite surprised that the new Hydro user took the 4th spot. She is also one of the best sub-DPS characters in Genshin Impact.

For the unknown, Yelan was introduced in update 2.7 and her banner became the third most popular in-game banner.

The reason why the banner was a success is update 2.7’s 3-week delay and players were having additional Primogems at that time.

Most Used Characters Spiral Abyss
List of most used characters in Spiral Abyss from 2.4 to 2.8.


Xingqiu also entered the top 5 units that are used the most in Spiral Abyss. Among all 5-star characters, it is quite a surprise that Xingqiu surpassed them and become the most chosen.

However, considering his healing ability and his being most featured among 4-star units, it is understandable that he is most chosen among users that have him.

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