Genshin Impact is a team-based game, with players building a team around DPS and Support characters. The latter provides support (buffs, debuffs, shields, or heals) via Elemental Skills, Burst or Passive Talents. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a tier list for best supports Genshin in Impact 2022.

Only SS, S and A tiers characters are going to be included in this list. Furthermore, the ranking is based on C0 performance. If you are wondering if certain characters are not on this list, they might be categorized as Sub DPS instead of support.

Best Supports In Genshin Impact 2022
Best Supports Genshin Impact 2022

1. Best supports Genshin Impact: SS tier

As expected, the top of the list is 2 Archon, alongside the best elemental enablers.


Zhongli is the best Genshin Impact support Shielder and also one of the most powerful characters lore-wise. His tough shield can withstand all types of enemy attacks, allowing players to get away with any type of squishy lineups.

Raiden Shogun 

Raiden Shogun is a top-tier Electro character who can deal high damage as both main and sub DPS. Besides her innate high stats, Raiden also has an excellent kit that increases the team's Elemental Burst damage and Energy Recharge. As spamming Elemental Burst is one of the most common, cookie-cutter strategies in the game, Raiden Shogun is a staple of the best team comps for Genshin's hardest content.

Zhongli and Raiden
Raiden and Zhongli can both support and deal good damage at the same time.


Kazuha rivals Venti for the position of the best Anemo user in Genshin Impact. His crowd control and damage are similar to Venti, however, he has a very powerful team buff. Whenever Kazuha triggers Swirls, he gives his team an Elemental damage buff based on his Elemental Mastery. This allow Kazuha to fit in pretty much every team except for Physical.


Diona is probably one of the best support in the game. Aside from dealing damage, there is nothing in the game she can't do. Diona's kit has heal, shield, cleanses, and even ally buffs. She can also constantly apply Cryo to assist Melt and Physical comp.


2. S tier (good but not as versatile)


Although Mona is a support Hydro, she isn’t a healer. Her role is to battery, taunt, and increase the damage of the team with her Omen. It is created by her Elemental Burst to debuff on opponents.


Venti is an Archon, one of the gods in the world of Genshin Impact... and that's enough reason for him to be broken. His Elemental Burst is one of the best crowd control in the game, with the ability to group up enemies and absorb elements. He completely dominates in fights with smaller enemies.

Venti's lack of damage buffs is the reason he is not SS tier.


Bennett is a good support for Pyro characters, with the ability to cover almost everything. Outside of buffing damage, he can also heal, cleanses and activate Pyro Resonance to increase the whole team's attack.

Bennett Genshin
Bennett is the "one character fit all" 4-star in Genshin. However, he lacks some damage at C0.


Kokomi has excellent Healing capabilities with an Elemental Skill that covers a wide area and can apply Hydro easily. However, her damage potential is negligible and she tends to overheal.


Another great but underrated support in Genshin Impact, Albedo can do both damage, buff, and team shielding at the same time. His Burst grants 125 Elemental Mastery while he protects the team with Chrystallize reaction. However, he is Geo and can't really synergize as well with elemental teams, unlike Kazuha.


Amongst sword users Genshin Impact, Jean can perform at an ok level at all roles, however, she excels at none. If you are not doing hard content, it is fine to use her. Jean's kit has heal, support, damage, cleanse, and crowd control.

3. A tier (support for specific teams)


While she completely excels in being a healer, Barbara does not offer much to the team. Her Elemental Burst and Skill only heal, and the sole minor thing she offers is a bit of Hydro application.

Barbara is the healer that all players get for free.


Qiqi is one of the worst 5 star characters in the game, with long cooldown skills, lower than average cryo application and energy regeneration. While she performs well as a healer, that role can be covered by other characters without costing DPS.

Yun Jin

Yun Jin is the newest Geo Polearm character in the game, released alongside Shenhe. She excels at empowering DPS characters that rely on their normal attacks, which is a fairly rare build. Yun Jin's kit is fairly easy to use, with her Elemental Skill generating a decent amount of elemental particles for her low-cost Burst.


Sucrose's role is rather similar to Kazuha's. She can crowd control the opponents and cast many Elemental Particles while offering her Elemental Mastery to her party. The reason that she's not higher on the list is that her kit requires C1 and C4.


Shenhe excels at buffing allies and debuffing enemies. She is tailor-made for mono Cryo teams and provides large amounts of Cryo and Physical resistance shred. Her poor performance outside of mono Cryo keeps Shenhe away from the highest tier.

Shenhe Secret
Players usually use her as a sub DPS rather than support, as her


Overall, Sayu is a confused character that scales on two things instead of one, which makes her underpowered. She can either heal the active fighter based on her attack or heal all off-field characters with her Elemental Mastery. However, most healers in the game out-perform her, which greatly reduces Sayu's usefulness.

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