miHoYo has recently initiated a solid celebration of the new year with their Genshin Impact event “Fleeting Colors in Flight”. Fans can join this event for various activities and earn gifts and rewards.

For the unknown, it’s the main event for update 2.4 along with the Lantern Rite ahead of the Lunar New Year. You can participate in different light puzzles below the “Wondrous Shadows” tab and get rewards like Affluence Talisman, Mora, and Primogems. There are different test groups for different days and they are unlocked gradually after each day.

The three puzzles of the festival’s Day 1 are available for players to try out, including some simple ones and ones that are a bit more complex. For fans who do not find these puzzles too straightforward, here’s how to solve the Wondrous Shadows Day 1 puzzle in Genshin Impact.

Day 1 Light Puzzles
Three first puzzles in the Wondrous Shadows event in Genshin Impact.

Light Puzzle 1

You can access the puzzle close to Liyue Harbor in Liyue after interacting with the red camp on the yellow carpet.

The first light puzzle you can solve is to make a Japanese Censer which they use to burn incense. Take notice that there is part of the wood that appears like a 4-bladed fan.

You just need to ensure that it directly faces down.

Move Downward
Face the puzzle down to the bottom.

From the default position, move the wooden object downward in a straight fashion. Then, rotate it so it is flipped. The final position will look like this.

Rotate to get the accurate puzzle.

Light Puzzle 2

The next Wondrous Shadows Day 1 puzzle to solve features a Japanese Treasure ship that usually appears in folklore. It is said to sail across the heavens in the first three days of the Japanese New Year.

What you should pay attention to is two wooden pieces protruding on top of each other. They look like dumbbells or hourglasses. As these parts create a part of the ship, move that directly facing away from the light source and face it up. Afterward, you will be able to make the shape out.

Puzzle 2
How to solve Wondrous Shadows Day 1 puzzle.
Rotate Either Clockwise Or Counterclockwise
The final result.

Light Puzzle 3

The last puzzle may be the trickiest one out of the three. For this, you are making a kite which is a common way that people use for the Japanese New Year celebration.

The different shapes in different directions are what makes it confusing to solve them. The best method to take on is finding the long pointy end and facing it downward because it is the part where the kite string is attached to.

For the last puzzle, find the pointy stick and face it down to the bottom.

All you need to do is rotate the object in the bottom direction. This can be done in a split second if you do it properly.

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