How to top up 1 diamond in Free Fire? Free Fire is no doubt in full swing in India after the ban of PUBG Mobile. The game has appealed to a lot of new gamers thanks to its outstanding features, a vast range of characters, and especially its interesting events. Apart from the Free Fire elite pass which draws the attention of many players, Garena Free Fire also comes up with various types of events and missions that reward players with coveted skin guns, bundles, and pets.

In the Free Fire top-up event, players are required to top-up a number of diamonds to get different prizes. As the more diamonds they top-up, the bigger the prize will be. As some top-up events only require players to top-up 1 diamond to receive gifts, many players have been looking for how to top up 1 diamond in Free Fire. Today, we will introduce some most common Free Fire top-up websites and clarify if we can top up 1 diamond for the game or not.

how to top up 1 diamond in Free Fire
If you're wondering how to top up only 1 diamond in Free Fire, this aticle will give you the answer!

Most common Free Fire top up website

Among the Free Fire top-up websites, Codashop is the most popular and trusted one which allows players to top up for many games.

Google Play store

Being the most common way to top up for gamers, Google play store allows you to top upright in the game without using a third party. All you need to do is tabbing on to the diamond icon in the game and follow the instruction to buy diamonds. The minimum top-up option in Google play store is 100 diamonds which cost Rs 80.

Free Fire Top Up Amount

Games Khaurido

Being the official top-up website of Garena Free Fire in India, Games Khaurido is easy and convenient for players to purchase diamonds with various types of payment available. The process is simple, trustful while the minimum amount of diamond you can top up is 50 diamond which cost Rs 40.

In addition to that, at the moment, you can get 100% bonus for topping up via the website, check out more details at: Free Fire Diamond Top-Up 100% Bonus: Here's How To Get 5,600 Diamond Bonus, NO HACK!

Free Fire top up websites


Being the biggest top-up website for gamer around the world, Codashop is the place where you cannot only buy the in-game currency of Free Fire but also many other games. Just like Games Khaurido, Codashop only allow player to buy 50 diamonds as the minimum amount.

With Codashop, you can do the top up easily without a credit card. The platform allows digital payment methods via PayTM, UPI and Net Banking.

Codashop Free Fire top up websites


Another website where players can top up for their favorite games like Free Fire, PUBG, PUBG Mobile and many other games is SEAGM. All you need to do is choose the number of diamonds you want to purchase which varies from 210 to 6,900, enter your ID and nickname and choose the suitable payment method. After the transaction is confirmed to be successful, you will see diamonds being added to your account promptly.

Seagm Free Fire top up websites

How to top up 1 only diamond in Free Fire

At the moment, all of Free Fire top-up websites do not allow players to buy only 1 diamond for the game. While the minimum top-up option in Games Kharido is 50 diamonds, that in Coda shop is 100 diamonds. Therefore, it can be seen that you cannot top up 1 diamond in Free Fire at that moment as no websites or top-up platforms have the 1 diamond top up option.

However, while searching for how to top up 1 diamond in Free Fire, you might bump into a lot of videos with the same title, promising to show some tricks or tips to top up with just one diamond. Please note that all of these videos are scams that lure you into watching videos for views. Stay away from that fraud.

100 Bonus Diamond Top Up Event

As you cannot top up with just 1 diamond, to complete the 1 diamond top up mission and get the reward, players just need to top up the minimum amount like 50, 80 or 100 diamonds depends on the available option on the top up website. After completing the top up transaction, you just need to come back to the game and click the Claim button to get the reward.

In September, there will be no upcoming top up event which requires play to complete the 1 diamond top up mission. However, this type of mission is possible to come back in the future so the truth about How to top up 1 diamond in Free Fire in India is what you need to know to avoid wasting your time on fake instruction.

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