Free Fire is among the most played battle royale games on mobile with more than 100 million active players. The game is totally free-to-play and it offers a unique way to play battle royale with a rich character system and pets, which are why there are so many people playing the game.

 How To Unban Free Fire Device
Garena is really strict about hacking in Free Fire

However, that also means Free Fire attracts a lot of cheaters as well. Garena is very strict about the cheating problem in Free Fire and they will ban anyone, casual or pro player if they are found to be cheating. Both their account and the device will be banned permanently so the cheater cannot just create another account to play.

How To Unban Free Fire Device -Things that will get you banned

There are several things that will get your account banned in Free Fire and the duration for different reasons might be various from one day to permanently. Here are what will get you banned:

  • Unauthorized Programs:  Use programs that are not allowed by Garena such as MODs will get you banned permanently, doesn't matter if it gives you in-game advantages or not.
  • Modifying game data/ Hacking: Unauthorized changes to the game client/ data/ servers will get your account and device banned permanently.
 How To Unban Free Fire Device
Using cheat in Free Fire will get your account and device banned
  • Bug Abuse: Players who abuse bugs in the game instead of reporting it to the developer will get punished depending on the severity of their actions and the number of times they use it. The punishment can be one day, one week, and up to a permanent ban.
  • Verbal Abuse: The game allows players to trash talk to a certain degree. However, insulting other players based on their race, gender, nationality, religion, etc. is not permitted and you can be banned temporarily. Reference on terrorism will get your account banned permanently.
  • Teaming: Teaming can result in a rank reset or even a permanent ban depending on the number of times you do it. People who teaming with a hacker will receive heavier punishment.

How To Unban Free Fire Device - What you should not do

When you find out that your account has been banned by Garena, the first thing you need to do is to calm down and read their message carefully. Sometimes people mistake notifications of some sort as a ban and go crazy for no reason.

Make sure that it is not a scam. There are people in the game who try to scam your account and money by sending you fake Garena in-game mail. Do not give them your account information such as name and password. An official notification should pop up when you are trying to log in and not from your in-game Inbox.

How To Unban Free Fire Device
Beggin on Free Fire social media won't help

If your account actually gets banned, check the message to see the duration of the ban and ban reason. If it is just a one day ban, a one week ban, you can just wait until it is over. Remember that your account and device only get banned permanently if you use a hack or modify game data.

Even if your account is banned permanently, don't go to forums, Reddit, Facebook,... to beg Garena to unban you because it will never work.

How To Unban Free Fire Device - What should you do

If you didn't violate any rules of Garena and still get banned, you can follow these steps to ask Free Fire customer support to unban you.

Follow these steps to unban your Free Fire device.

  • Go to this website to file an appeal to Garena.
How To Unban Free Fire Device
You can submit an appeal to Garena to unban device Free Fire
  • Fill the form with the necessary information about your account. The more information you give them, the faster the process will be. You also need a screenshot of the ban message.
  • When you finish, submit your form and wait for their answer when they are done investigating.

There are also other tricks if you just want to unban Free Fire device and play on a new account.

Method 1: Change the SIM card

How To Unban Free Fire Device
Change your SIM card to unban device Free Fire

Here is how to unban Free Fire device step by step:

  • Get a new SIM card and change it on your phone.
  • Turn off your network data and turn on the airplane mode on your phone to block all connections.
  • Go to Setting -> App -> Free Fire to Force Stop Free Fire and Clear Data.
  • Turn off airplane mode and turn on your network data.
  • Open Free Fire and use a new account to log in.

Method 2: Change IMEI of your phone

  • Download Device ID changer app from Google Play Store.
  • Follow the instruction in the app the change your phone ID.
  • After you are done, restart your phone.
  • Now you should be able to play Free Fire on that device again.

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