Mobile games have been all the rage in recent years with competitive games such as PUBG Mobile. Many companies even released all kinds of gaming phones to fill up that market. Well, not everyone has that kind of money to buy them. But there is still another way for you to improve the performance of PUBG Mobile Lite for free with the GFX Tool for PUBG Lite.

gaming phone
Not everyone really wants to invest in a gaming smartphone just to play game

Many players have been very familiar with this PUBG Lite GFX Tool and it truly is a great tool to make your playing experience in PUBG Mobile Lite better. However, not all players are aware of this GFX Tool app is. Let's head down below so we can introduce you to this app and show you how to use it.

1. What is GFX Tool For PUBG Lite

Basically, GFX Tool For PUBG Lite is an app that will solve you a lot of performance problems in PUBG Mobile Lite. Your game will be less laggy, your phone will consume less battery and thus less hot as well. So how does it do that?

 Gfx Tool For Pubg Lite
GFX Tool For PUBG Lite allow you to optimize your game in many ways to suit your device the best

GFX Tool allows players to adjust the graphics and performance of PUBG Mobile Lite so the game can suit your phone better. Particularly, you can adjust Resolution, Framerate, Shadow, Anti Aliasing,... With these options, you can make the game looks clearer and more detailed with a bigger resolution and HDR mode. In the meanwhile, you can also adjust the frame of the game to make the game look the smoothest while not consuming too much power.

2. GFX Tool For PUBG Lite Download

So you now know what PUBG Lite GFX Tool is, we will show you how you can download GFX Tool For PUBG Lite to your phone. The app is currently available on Google Play Store for free with the name 'GFX Tool PRO for PubG Lite'. It is still a very early version so it might be a little unstable from times to times. But if your phone cannot handle PUBG Mobile Lite then it is still better to use it.

 Gfx Tool For Pubg Lite
You can find GFX Tool For Pubg Lite on Google Play Store

GFX Tool For PUBG Lite download link:

There is also a GFX Tool for PUBG, which has been around for a while already and more stable.

GFX Tool For PUBG download link:

3. How To Use GFX Tool For PUBG Lite

Check if your phone is rooted or not

In order to be able to use GFX Tool For PUBG Lite, you need to make sure that your Android is rooted first. Each phone has a different way to root and it is quite a work. but there is an easy way for you to root your phone without having to waste hours searching on the Internet, by using the app KingRoot.

root checker
Use the Root Checker app to see if your phone is rooted or not

You can download KingRoot from this link (requirement Android 7.0 or above):

Install KingRoot from the file to your phone and open it. KingRoot can automatically detect your device and root it with only one button. Just wait until the process is done. After that, you can check if your phone is rooted or not with the Root Checker app on Google Play Store.

How to use GFX Tool For PUBG Lite

Open the app and you will see multiple options for you to adjust the game. Here is how you should adjust for each option in GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile Lite to gain the best performance.

  • Resolution: You should not adjust it more than 1600x900 unless your phone is really strong.
  • Graphics: HD should be good enough unless you want the game to look even better.
  • Framerate: You can lower your framerate to somewhat around 25, which is smooth enough. 60 FPS is totally a better option if your phone can handle it.
  • Anti-Aliasing: This option makes objects in the game look smoother, but not very necessary.
Gfx Tool For Pubg Lite
All adjustable features in GFX Tool For PUBG Lite
  • Shadow Quality: It is better to put this option at the lowest level.
  • Color Grade: This option is purely based on personal preferences.
Gfx Tool For Pubg Lite
All adjustable features in GFX Tool For PUBG Lite
  • Light Effects: Keep this option at the lowest level.
  • Texture Quality: This option affects details on objects, but too many details can distract you. Put it on Medium.
  • Detail Distance: Keep this option at low so you can spot other players from afar easier.
  • Auto Optimization: This function will adjust the game based on the device you are using.
Gfx Tool For Pubg Lite
All adjustable features in GFX Tool For PUBG Lite

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