To keep Free Fire fresh for players, Garena has been adding new weapons to the game periodically. Amongst the weapons added in the last year, the Vector is probably the best and most popular. In this article, we are going to showcase a complete guide on how to use Vector gun in Free Fire.

1. Overview of Vector gun Free Fire

The Vector is actually a very old weapon. It was part of the beta version of Free Fire in 2017 and has been in the game file for quite a while. However, it took more than three years for Garena to actually implement the weapon into the game. In order to know how to use the Vector gun in Free Fire, you need to know its stats first.

Free Fire Vector Akimbo
Kelly using the Vector gun in Free Fire

In-game stats of the Vector

It is the weapon with the second-highest fire rate in the game, just a little bit behind the MP40. The Vector's accuracy and movement speed are also top tiers as well.

  • DAMAGE: 47
  • RATE OF FIRE: 81
  • RANGE: 32
  • MAGAZINE: 25
  • ACCURACY: 61

The Vector can only be equipped with 2 types of attachments: Muzzle and Magazine. This is similar to the majority of SMGs in the game... and finding two full sets of attachments for 2x Vector would be too troublesome. Overall, both attachments are useful, as they would increase the gun's performance in long range fights and increase the total magazine size.

Vector gun strengths

The Vector introduces a brand new mechanic into the game: Akimbo. Players can gather 2 Vectors and hold one of them in each hand. Double the weapons mean double the firepower - that's why the Vector Akimbo is often considered the greatest close to mid range weapon in Free Fire.

How to use two Vector guns in Free Fire? Akimbo mode is the answer.

This devastating power in close range combat has forced Garena to nerf the weapon repeatedly in recent patches. However, even after all the nerf, the akimbo form is still super lethal. This is probably why they have only brought akimbo form to pistols (USP & M1917) so far... as any weapon with double the power would be too OP.

Vector gun weaknesses

The biggest weakness of the Vector is that you need to find 2x of the Vector to unlock its full potential. This completely depends on RNG, which is highly unreliable.

Stat-wise, the Vector has a low range. Players need to get close for the gun to work, which is a bit riskier compared to sniping. The smaller magazine size can be a problem as well - 25 is quite low and can run out in prolonged combat. With the Vector's reload speed being only 41, careless discharges could give enemies a chance to retaliate.

Free Fire Best Weapons
The Vector is one of the more popular weapons in the game, but it is rather hard to use.

2. How to use Vector gun in Free Fire

Gameplay tips

The Vector is strongest in the early to mid game, where opponents haven't geared up fully yet and are still scrounging around inside buildings. A burst spray from this weapon could make short work of all enemies, providing that you are mostly accurate.

Both weaknesses of Vector (low range and small magazine) can be solved with attachments. Just slap the muzzle and magazine on and you are set. However, it might be a good idea to drop the Vector Akimbo in the late game, as they don't have armor penetration.

Garena Free Fire
Training with the Vector in Practice mode.

Weapon combo with the Vector

To combo with it, any AR or SR would do. The Vector Akimbo can serve as a reliable side weapon in both sniper and assaulter builds. How to use two Vector guns in Free Fire easier? Well, you need to spend some time on Practice mode to get used to the feel of the weapon.

Character combo with the Vector

Jai's Raging Reload is probably one of the best skills to make the Vector deadlier. You can just spray without having to worry about running out of ammo.

Dasha's passive ability is also a good option, as it reduces the recoil buildup from your sprays.

3. Vector vs UMP vs MP40, which is the best?

The Vector fares rather well against the UMP and MP40, the two most popular SMGs in Free Fire. However, in terms of actual usage in combat, the MP40 and UMP are much easier to use, as you don't have to find a 2nd gun for them to work.

The MP40 is stronger in the early game, in fact, it is the most used weapon in Free Fire as of OB29. On the other hand, the UMP is getting buffs after buffs... and with 67 armor penetration, it is now a solid weapon in the late game.

Overall, the generally accepted result is that MP40 is the best SMG, then comes UMP and Vector.

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