In Sensor Tower’s latest report on the mobile gaming scene of 2020, India is the country with the highest number of mobile game downloads in 2020 with a whopping number of 9.3 billion downloads. Even though PUBG Mobile, the most popular mobile game in India, was banned in September, the consumption of mobile games of Indian players didn't stall at all.

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India has the highest number of mobile game downloads even though PUBG Mobile was banned

The United States is in second place with 5.1 billion downloads, followed by Bazil in third place with 4.4 billion downloads.

However, when it comes to revenue created, the United States is at the top of the chart with $21 billion while India is not on the list.

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Sensor Tower’s latest report on the mobile gaming scene of 2020

Garena Free Fire is the most downloaded mobile game in 2020 with 255.2 million downloads. Among Us, although only became hot in the latter half of 2020, still got 256.3 million downloads and sit in second place. Subway Surfers is in third place with 235.4 million downloads and PUBG Mobile is in 4th place with 232.5 million downloads.

Even though the game was banned in India, it still created a huge amount of revenue

Even though PUBG Mobile got banned in Indian and lost a huge amount of revenue, the game still topped the chart with $2.6 billion in revenue, followed by Honor of Kings with $2.4 billion. Meanwhile, Garena Free Fire doesn't make it to this chart even though it is the most downloaded game. It seems that players tend to spend much less in Free Fire than in PUBG Mobile.

If PUBG Mobile was released in India again, we can expect that the game will be back as the most downloaded game. However, there has been no sign that the game will be able to get unbanned in India.

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