Entity Gaming, Mega X and Xspark have performed wonderfully on the first day of PMCO Fall Split South Asia Qualifiers and took all the top spots at the end of the day. There was a total of 4 maps between 16 teams. Erangel was played twice while both Miramar and Sanhok was played once.

You can watch all Day 1 matches here

While Entity Gaming has been struggling at the PMIT Pune Group C Finals. They picked themselves up this time and sat comfortably on the top position after 4 matches. They were able to place themselves in the top 8 in every single game and even managed to get 1 Chicken Dinner and a total of 33 kills.

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Enity Gaming is doing great in both PUBG Mobile and CS:GO

Team Mega X was also on fire with 30 kills at the end of the day. They managed to stay in the top 3 in 3 out of 4 matches which earned them the second place.

As for Xspark, with 2 ex-member of team Soul - Owais and RonaK- and the star player Sc0utOP, fans have a really high expectation for them in this tournament. Although they were eliminated early in the first match, they made a comeback with a Chicken Dinner on Sanhok with 17 kills. In the end, they got themselves a decent spot in the third place.

Team Xspark has the best PUBG Mobile players in India

Entity Gaming's wise decision making and persistent helped them to gather every point they could to achieve the first position. Meanwhile, team Xspark, they were good and experienced players, but they need to pick up the pace and avoid too early or too late rotations.

The competition is not over yet and there are still plenty of chances for other teams to rise up and claim their spot in the semi-finals stage. Stayed tuned for more updates about the PMCO Fall South Asia Qualifiers.