It is no doubt now that mobile gaming has become the biggest gaming market in the world, even bigger than the PC gaming market. Pretty much everyone owns a smartphone and mobile gaming is a quick, simple way to get entertained whenever, wherever you want.

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The most popular mobile games are all free-to-play game

But unlike PC games, most mobile games have to be free to play, or else no one would even bother to try them. The most popular mobile games are all free-to-play such as PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Mobile Legend: Bang Bang. All these titles are having hundreds of millions of players from all around the world.

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Since these games are free-to-play, they won’t make profits just by having many players. That is why the revenue of these games mostly come from the sale of in-game microtransactions such as skins, features, characters.

But to obtains actually good items in these games, you can’t simply just buy them from a store with a fixed price. These items are not sold directly but instead are put into a gacha and so players have to spin a lucky wheel in order to get new items.

Now if you think about it, that is not that much of a difference to a slot machine you find on casinos online. You put money in and hope that you will win a big prize from it. Pretty much every single mobile game nowadays has these kinds of functions.

Now, let's take a look at an example, Free Fire, the biggest battle royale game on mobile at the moment. There are 2 main ways for players to buy items in Free Fire, the in-game Store, and the Luck Royale.

Free Fire Luck Royale

While the in-game Store is just a casual store where you pay a price and get exactly what you paid for, the Luck Royale is a whole casino. There are 5 different lucky spins in the Luck Royale with each featuring its own exclusive grand prize.

These grand prizes are the latest exclusive skins that you cannot get from anywhere else. In addition, they will rotate out every few weeks so players must get the wheel rolling right away or miss the item forever.

Of course, these grand prizes lie among all the shitty items that no one cares about. But the urge to test their luck has kept players spinning the wheel whenever a new item comes out.


Spinning the lucky wheel is a game in itself and people will get the excitement from it no matter if the outcome is good or bad. That’s why people will never stop playing casino games and try out their luck time after time.

Mobile games developers understand this fact so they are putting more and more luck elements into their stores and events to sell players. While there are players who complain, they still have no problem putting their money in so we can expect that this trend will last for a good long while.

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