Lost Ark was quite a successful hit after its official launch in South Korea a few months ago. Being a 3D fantasy MMORPG by Smilegate, it features an action RPG combat style and a vast open world to explore. Lost Ark used Unreal Engine, which makes the magical world so beautiful and alive.

Lost Ark
Challenge yourself in an alive 3D fantasy MMORPG that comes along an incredible RPG combat style.

Lost Ark Overview

In Lost Ark, you’ll start your adventure on your own ship, head towards new regions and encounter powerful bosses. Lost Ark brings you a unique gaming experience that includes amazing visuals and stunning skill effects. It’s an incredible fantasy world, in which Eastern designs meets the Western's.

Main game features

Lost Ark offers various features, allowing you to truly experience the game to the fullest. There are seven classes to choose from so far, while eleven more are waiting in line. Meet Arcana, Bard, Berserker, Devil Hunter, Warlord, etc. and choose a class to stick with you for a while.

Lost Ark
Meet the available classes and choose wisely!

You can team up with friends to take down powerful bosses in a multiplayer battleground. Moreover, if you are into PvP, you can enter the Colosseum to challenge other players to 1v1 duels or 3v3 matches.

Lost Ark
Team up with your friends and defeat powerful raid bosses

Lost Ark to appear on mobiles?

Recently, a lot of Asian media websites believed that Smilegate is working on a Lost Ark’s mobile version. According to a server developer, they were looking for talents with knowledge about Unreal Engine 4. Note that the PC version used Unreal Engine 3. In addition, Smilegate apparently was looking for animators, client developers as well as planners for the project. However, this is just a rumor as Smilegate confirmed it was just a regular recruitment period.

Lost Ark 2
Let's wait and see if we could play the signature Lost Ark on our own mobile devices.

Regarding Lost Ark on PC, Smilegate is working hard on hiring talents through their recruitment website. A few of them are about Lost Ark , for example the Client Developer position, which requires experience in Unreal Engine, both 3 and 4. Because of that, people are predicting that Smilegate wants to upgrade its game engine. The same thing happened to NCsoft with their Blade & Soul title. Although, all in all, it’s all rumors around “normal” job postings. We’ll hear more from Smilegate as soon as their official announcement comes out.