Great news everyone: GameClub is bringing Rocketcat Games' Mage Gauntlet back with free early access.

Good work, GameClub

I could proudly say that I am a massive fan of Rocketcat Games. However, the studio has been too busy with its current projects to pay much attention to its older games. As a result, it is excellent that Rocketcat Games have been okay with GameClub remaking some of its long-neglected titles.

Mage Gauntlet Is Now Free In Early Access Of Gamec
GameClub is remaking Rocketcat's old games.

The first Rocketcat game that GameClub got its hands on was Hook Champ. Then we have got another 2 follow-up titles as well: Hook Worlds and Super QuickHook. Some of the high-profile remake titles of GameClub from different studios are Super Crate BoxIncoboto...

However, for my personal reason, I have been crossing my fingers for one specific title to get the treatment of GameClub (updated version for modern iOS software and hardware). That game is Mage Gauntlet.

Mage Gauntlet

Rocketcat Games announced the game back in 2011 July, and the release took place not long after that. The game was the modern take on the classic 16-bit action  RPG era. Honestly, it would have been mind-blowing if it had been released on the SNES 20 years prior, that's how good it is. Check out its trailer below to see for yourself:

The game also features one of the most intuitive touchscreen controls in the action genre up to that point. It is also worked as the base for the later title of Rocketcat - Wayward Souls. One of the most amazing games in my opinion. So yes, I really appreciate the effort of GameClub to get this title up and running properly on modern devices.

Register right now!

Mage Gauntlet Is Now Free In Early Access Of Gamec
I really appreciate the effort of GameClub to make this title up and run properly on modern devices.

Therefore as I say, you should absolutely register for the beta program hosted by GameClub. Doing so means you will get try out all the games in the program completely for free during the Early Access.