If you have been following Gurugamer, then you probably know that we are big fans of GameClub around here. If you haven’t, though, then here’s a quick recap: GameClub is a team of developers who have taken it upon themselves to resurrect older mobile games from the late 2000s and early 2010s – those that have now fallen into obscurity because they are no longer compatible with modern devices. It’s clear that these people have a genuine love and interest for the mobile classics, which is what captured our attention in the first place.

Gameclub Ios Featured
The service aims to revive classic mobile games from the late 2000s and early 2010s

And here comes the good news: GameClub's subscription service is now available for iOS, and an Android version is allegedly coming in the future as well. Not only that, but the team also plans to keep its game library constantly expanded with new titles added every week. This is pretty tall of an order, so we’ll have to see if they actually manage to deliver. According to the announcement posted on Reddit about the launch of the subscription service, the next addition will be 2009's Minigore.

GameClub Launch Trailer

Even if you don’t subscribe, you'll still be able to browse through the game selection to see if anything captures your attention. Moreover, if you have already purchased a game via the App Store, you can download it without having to be a subscriber.

You'll still be able to browse through the entire library of games without having to subscribe

We love what GameClub is trying to do, but we are a little bit worried about how successful it can be in a world where consumers are starting to feel overwhelmed by tons of subscription services available. There’s Apple Arcade, and then there’s Xbox Live, PS Plus, or even services in other fields such as Amazon Prime or Netflix.

In any case, GameClub is now available on the App Store. The service has a monthly fee of $4.99 (Rs 350), but you can get the first month for free if you want to test the water first. For the full list of games offered via GameClub, visit its official website.