Gamers, it’s about time we have a brand-new type of idle/merging game! Introducing Merge Quest, an idle RPG that lets you slay monsters coming in hordes using self-made swords, hammers and axes!

Merge Quest
Experience a different kind of idle game with Merge Quest! Merge, merge and merge your way to victory!

A "merging" idle game

Yes, that’s what you heard - Merge Quest brings upon a unique concept of “merging” into the idle game genre. Merging Quest involves merging basic items into much more advanced ones to progress further. Such items will grant points after the crafting phase and coins will open up more item choices to purchase.

Here’s the preview of the game:

In Merge Quest, your heroes will automatically advance by themselves and attempt to take down monsters in their way. That works for any other idle games, but the catch here is to handle the equipment in a correct way.

Having a bunch of weaker swords in your armory? Go ahead and merge them into a stronger and playable one. Also, it’s possible to merge every gear you can find during quests without much restriction. Keep your merging going and you’ll soon become a fearsome knight that no monsters can stand a chance against.

Merge Quest
Merge, evolve and discover hundreds of weapons and equipment to slay monsters!

Multiplayer aspects: guilds and boss fights

Aside from the single player aspect, there are many things you can do in Merge Quest with your friends.

In Merge Quest, you can find yourself in boss fights and guilds alongside your in-game friends! Joining a guild and working together can help you bring down the most massive bosses blocking your way!

Furthermore, it is possible to recruit monsters as sidekicks to fight alongside your hero in combat.

Get Merge Quest for free right now on Google Play Store and App Store.