Might And Magic Chess Royale is a gigantic Auto Battler For Mobile with a twist – it has 100 players each match. The game feature various Heroes and units from the famous Might & Magic universe – you would control them to fight 99 other people in 10 minutes long auto battles.

Might And Magic Chess Royale Guide
Might And Magic Chess Royale Guide: Join the new Auto Chess Battle Royale with your favorite Might and Magic universe characters

The gameplay is pretty straightforward – choose your most powerful unit, place them onto the chessboard then make use of synergies between units to defeat your foes. Additionally, you can support your troops by casting spells and upgrade by merging identical units together. Your heroes would use their skills once their mana is full – place them strategically on the board so that they would survive the longest.

In this article, we would provide you with some of the most useful tips and tricks to win in this battle royale.

1 – Getting Started in Might And Magic Chess Royale

Firstly, let's talk about the interface of the game - it is filled with information.

Might And Magic Chess Royale Guide
Might And Magic Chess Royale Gameplay: The interface of Chess Royale before every match
  • Player avatar, active synergies, countdown timer, and total battle time are displayed on the top of the screen. The number below your avatar is your health and the number below the countdown is the damage that’s going to be dealt to the loser in this round. Beside your avatar is your position in the 100 list.
  • The left side of the screen is your 3 most important lists: synergy, spell and stats. Tap on them to see the respective data about your synergies, spell currently active, and strongest unit on the board.
Might And Magic Chess Royale Guide
Might And Magic Chess Royale Guide: This game is a unique combination between two almost unrelated genres - Auto Chess and Battle Royale
  • The XP gauge, your current level and unit cap are on the bottom left, while the total gold, shops and spell books are on the bottom right side.
  • The bottom of the screen is your "bench" in which your bought units would be placed. Units can be switched in and out of it.

2 – Level Up Frequently

  • The higher your level is, the more units you can place on the board. Levels also increase the chance that stronger units would spawn. The higher your level, the higher the chances for uncommon/rare/mythical units to appear.
Might And Magic Chess Royale Guide
Might And Magic Chess Royale Review: The unit shop, showing whichever character you can purchase during this round
  • You need XP points to level up. After every match, you would get 1 XP regardless of the result. You can also purchase XP using coins to level up faster. The leftover coins after buying units can either be used for this… or buying spells.
  • The probability for unit spawns would be displayed on the bottom of the screen when you open up your shop. You would get a new shop refresh after every match - and it can be shuffle multiple times with gold to get a new roster of 5. Units are limited in number - it would be hard to upgrade a popular unit so sometimes you should just switch to a less common one if possible.

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3 – Basic Strategy

  • In this game, the main strategy is to place the tanks on the frontline – which means Guardian units like Battle Dwarf, Treant, Fire Giant, Cyclops and Lava Elemental should always be placed on the vanguard. Ranged units should be placed on the back – most of them would not move and just attack from range.
Might And Magic Chess Royale Review
Might And Magic Chess Royale Review: Each match would last for about 10 minutes - perfect for playing on the go or whenever possible
  • When placing the unit onto the board, you can notice the lit up squares – that’s the range of the unit. This should always be considered when dropping them onto the board – units placed correctly would be able to engage right away instead of having to move around first. This few extra attacks can sometimes be the difference between victory and defeat.

4 – Upgrade units by merging them

  • You can combine 3 of the same units together to upgrade them. Merging units would make them much stronger – with both stats and skills improved greatly. This is the main reason why RNG is super important in Auto Battler.
Might And Magic Chess Royale PC
Might And Magic Chess Royale PC: Upgrade your units by merging three of the same units - the result would be a vastly more powerful character.
  • Upgraded ultimate is also a big factor – they are extremely powerful abilities that would be released when the unit gets enough mana. The way to gain mana is to attack or getting attacked. Ultimate is automatically released when the mana bar reaches 100. This means higher attack speed would reduce the cooldown of your skills.

5 – How to Get More Gold

  • The base gold is +5, which means you would earn 5 more gold after every round. The more you win, the higher the gold bonus becomes. Top 99’s placement bonus gold is +2, top 50 is +4 and top 10 is +6
Might And Magic Chess Royale Review
Might And Magic Chess Royale Review: Collect all the heroes from the famous franchise, Might & Magic
  • If you defeat an opponent and reduce their HP to 0, you would gain 3 bonus gold.

6 – Purchase Spells as soon as possible

  • Because the health points of each player are only 3 – defeat could come relatively quickly if you do not focus on your starting board. You have to make the most of the spell shop and buy one as soon as possible.
Might And Magic Chess Royale Guide
Might And Magic Chess Royale Guide: Buy spells whenever possible - you need all the advantage you could get
  • Tap the spell shop icon above the normal shop and purchase them – each would last for a number of turns. They are limited in numbers, so you better grab them before other players do.
  • Rare and Legendary tier spells would be unlocked once you reach Top 50 and Top 10, respectively.

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