Miguel Master Free Fire – Miguel is a new Free Fire character Garena launched in the OB10 update version. He officially joined the battlefield on September 12, 2018.

This article by Gurugamer.com is going to tell you the story of Miguel in the Free Fire game and guide you on how to play Miguel Free Fire online and master this game with this new strong character.

Miguel Master Free Fire
Miguel Character in Free Fire

Miguel Master Free Fire: Background

Miguel is a 26-year-old special-forces soldier coming from Brazil with Crazy Slayer ability. He is also known as Jose – his code name in the Special Forces. According to the Free Fire character profile, Miguel’s birthday is on September 7.

Miguel, also Jose, and his Special Forces received a mission of destroying the mysterious organization, known as Free Fire. As unveiled in previous stories, Free Fire is a mysterious corporation who kidnapped and carried out experiments on human’s ability.

According to a short trailer, Miguel’s mission failed. Almost all his team was killed, and he found that it was a trap. Moreover, he appeared to have a close relationship with Paloma, a character in the previous version. The girl he loved, Paloma, became the Queen of the Underworld in some way. Then, he also realized that it’s Paloma who stole secret documents of his Forces.

After that, Miguel Free Fire came to a determination that he must win this war of survival. He wanted to unveil everything about the trap as well as the secrets in Paloma’s story.

miguel master free fire
Miguel In The Waiting Island

Miguel Master Free Fire: Unique Ability

He has a unique ability of Crazy Slayer, which gives him 30EP for each death at level 1. As your Miguel character levels up, the amount of EP you receive for each kill also increases. For example, the EP you get at level 2 is 40, 50 at level 3, and 80 at the maximum level for each death.

Besides, Miguel Free Fire also has six basic skills, like other existing characters. However, unlike the rest of the Free Fire character, Miguel has an active ability. It means that he must kill enemies to activate this specific ability. Therefore, if you are a predator on the battleground, this character would be the best choice for you. The more opponents you kill, the more EP you get. And now, your opponents are excellent sources of EP, and you no longer need to eat the mushroom to heal.

In contrast, if you prefer safe gameplay, Michael isn’t the right character for you. It’s because if you cannot kill anyone, this ability is useless. Crazy Slayer ability of Miguel Master Free Fire only works on the hand of hunters.

Miguel Master Free Fire
Miguel Earns 80 Ep For Each Kill At Level 6

Miguel Free Fire Skin

To unlock the character Miguel in Free Fire, you need to pay 8000 gold or 499 diamonds. He also has two sets of outfits. To buy the unique commando skin for this man, you need to spend diamantes. It’s more expensive than the coat you can open for gratis by accumulating EXP when playing the game. However, the unique commando outfit looks cool and more beautiful with an assault rifle of M4A1. Even in the form of Minecraft skin, Miguel Free Fire still looks good in this outfit. Moreover, you can also do many specific actions in the waiting island.

Tips to Use Miguel Master Free Fire

Miguel Free Fire is suitable for skillful players who prefer playing as a hunter. As you kill an enemy, the EP rises by 30 to 80 at different levels. It means that at the maximum level, when you kill two opponents, you get a nearly equal amount of EP as eating two big mushrooms. Notably, this skill is very beneficial when you are getting damage from the electric zone, and you need EP to heal. At that time, your enemy is an abundant EP source, not a threat. Therefore, Miguel is an excellent character for attackers, not evaders.

Miguel Master Free Fire
Skin of Miguel

These are everything about the new character Miguel Master Free Fire in the OB10 update version. If you are ready for a hunting trip in Free Fire, Miguel would be the best choice. To update the latest mobile game news as well as useful tips and tricks for gamers, visit our website every day!