PUBG Mobile Mini-14 and SKS are the two most popular and favorite Designed Marksman Rifles (DMR). But each of these guns has different features. Which one is better to use and win in this game? Let's compare and pick up the better one here with

Mini-14 Vs SKS Power

Mini-14 uses 5.56mm ammo while SKS uses 6.72mm ammo. Therefore, SKS deals higher damage per hit than Mini-14. In specific, SKS deals 53 damage points per hit while Mini-14 deals with a damage-per-hit point of 46. Therefore, SKS is more powerful than Mini-14 in the single tap fire. You can take down the enemy more quickly with SKS.

SKS is more powerful than Mini-14 in a single hit.

Ammo Capacity And Reload Duration

The 5.56mm DMR Mini-14 has a wider ammo clip than SKS. Its ammo capacity is 20 to 30 bullets per load without or with an extended mag. Meanwhile, the ammo capacity of SKS is from 10 to 20 bullets per load.

Mini 14 Vs Sks Ammo
Mini-14 has a wider ammo clip than SKS.

Because of the largest ammo capacity, Mini-14 requires a longer reload duration. It takes you about 2.5s to reload while SKS takes you only 2s.


Both of these DMRs support an 8x scope. SKS is harder to control due to its greater recoil. Therefore, the best attachments for SKS include a stock, vertical grip, compensator, 4x to 8x scope based on the map, and an extended quickdraw mag.

Mini 14
Mini-14 has fewer attachment slots than SKS

If you use Mini-14, you should use a flash hider or suppressor to hide your position because Mini-14 has a lower recoil rate. Besides, you also use an extended quickdraw mag, and a long-range scope, such as 4x, 6x, or 8x scope.

Bullet Speed And Effective Range

Mini-14 has a higher initial bullet speed than SKS which are 990m/s and 800m/s. Therefore, Mini-14 is better to deal with moving targets. However, SKS has a better rate of fire which is 0.09s between two bullets while it's 0.1333s in Mini-14.

Mini 14
Mini-14 is better to deal with moving targets.