Many players have obtained Kamisato Ayato from the wish banner. But they may still don't know how to use him correctly. Avoid these mistakes while using Kamisato Ayato in Genshin Impact.

#1. Enhance His Normal Attack

The normal attack is the weakest ability of Ayato. Therefore, you shouldn't focus on leveling up his normal attack. You should use materials to level up his elemental skill and burst. His most damage relies on his Hydro slashes, so you should focus on this Elemental skill.

Learn To Build Ayato
Choose the right ability and skills to build for Ayato.

#2. Build His Physical Attacks

Ayato's damage only relies on his elemental attacks. Therefore, it would be a big mistake when building his physical attacks. Elemental skills and bursts have a cooldown time. When his elemental skill is not ready to use, switch to other characters in your party. Then, switch back to Ayato to use this elemental skill and charge his elemental burst.

#3. Use Wrong Weapon

Using the wrong weapon is one of the most common mistakes while using Kamisato Ayato. It does not help boost any ability of this character. If you can't obtain the signature weapon for Ayato, you can use a 4-star weapon that is free or easier to get, such as Lion's Roar, Iron Sting, or Amenoma Kageuchi to boost his abilities.

Use The Right Weapon For Him
Use the right weapon for him.

#4. Use Wrong Artifacts

Another mistake that Genshin Impact often make is using the wrong artifact for their characters. When you use the wrong artifact set for Ayato, this character receives no buff in damage and other stats. Echoes of the Offering is the best artifact set for Ayato.

It's not hard to get the best artifact for your characters. You only have to complete the domain challenges many times to get the full set for him. Then, don't forget to enhance the artifact to the maximum level. His signature artifact set is available to farm in the new Lost Valley domain on the surface of The Chasm.

Use The Right Artifact For Him
Farm the right artifact for him.

#5. Ignore Elemental Reaction Combos

Apart from elemental skills and bursts, Ayato's damage also relies on the power of elemental reactions and reaction combos. He can team up and support Electro, Cryo, and Pyro characters to make powerful elemental reactions, such as Electro-Charged, Freeze, and Vaporize.

If you ignore those elemental reactions, you miss a great chance to produce insane damage on enemies. Though elemental reactions cannot Crit, those reactions in Genshin Impact can buff the damage of other attacks and let you kill the opponent faster.

Use Elemental Reactions
Make as many elemental reactions as possible.

#6. Build Ayato On HP

Rather than HP, Genshin Impact players have to build Ayato Crit/ATK/Hydro status. You don't need to focus on the HP bonus because it does not help boost the damage of this character. When choosing the weapon and artifact for him, select the artifact set with Crit/Hydro DMG/ATK bonus.

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